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Sharafuddin Mahmud
Is there no way to stop #Israel from killing innocent people? #UN is sucking thumb. #USA is buttering Israel as usual.SHAME ON WHOLE MANKIND
Is there no way to stop #Israel from killing innocent peoples? #UN is sucking thumb. #USA is as usual buttering them.SHAME ON WHOLE MANKIND.
#Zionists r creating unnecessary wars to expand their weapon business.#Extremists r killing ppl to gain power.What about common ppl's?Doomed
#Taliban Attack in Zinnah Airport had killed 18 innocent ppl..What did those 18 ppl do? What the hell is wrong with this Extremist Bastards?
So #India has chosen Modi as their PM...Thats not good.Bcs Extreme minded peoples like Modi r not good for the Minority of India.He's radicl
Al Qaeda's "friend" #BokoHaram has kidnapped 200 school girls...200 innocent children...This Bastards r worse than animal.They r sick animal
If the ppl of #Crimea "really" wants freedom frm #Ukraine,then we shud honor their decision.Every nation in this world has right to be free.
Thanks to @BarackObama .He kind of "warns" that extremist #netaniyahu on peace talk before meeting. Hope, it will be useful for palestinians
People of Ukraine have all the rights to choose their own president.Russia or other "Biggies" have no rights to interfere in others matter..
#alqaeda is threatening #Bangladesh.This SICK PPL r now trying to invade my own country. Al Qaeda,Dont u PSYCHOS dare to look at my country.
Aitzaz Hasan,a teenage boy,had stopped a suicide bomber by giving his life for saving hundreds of children.He is the REAL hero,a TRUE Muslim
Why #humanrights Watch is silent about Jamayate Islami,who destroyed Minors village in Bangladesh? Bcs,they r good frnd of rich arab sheikhs
Happy New Year. Be safe with ur family.This year,Teach your childrn to love every culture,to respect others thinking.Save thm from extremism
Merry Christmas to all frnds & stranger.Hope,One day,All religion's ppl will live peacefully together without criticizing each others custom
Ban Ki Moon is sad bcs a 1971 war criminal was hanged. #humanrights watch is also sad for that.Its sure that,they work for "criminal" rights
#Madiba ,You were a fighter, fought against racism your entire life.You were a brave leader,united a hostile nation altogether.You r awesome
So,Yasser Arafat was really killed.He was a man,who wanted his nation to be free.Was it crime? Or,Be a part of an oppressed nation is crime?
Support #barackobama .I know that,in Corporate controlled US,he had to take some bad decisions.But decisions like #healthcare r awesome & gd
Good Luck to #Malala Yousufzai.Hope,she will win the #nobel peace prize & make us all proud.If she wins,all girls who want to study will win
#AlQaeada & #Extremists r killng innocent ppl of all religion.They r attackng #Mosque,#Church-every possible public place.Bloody Psychopaths
#Japanese have shut down their last #nuclearreactor. I have some dreams. One of them is to see a"Nuclear Weapon Free World".Is it too much??
Some"Human Rights Organization" r "unhappy" fr giving death sentence to rapists in Delhi Gang Rape Case.Actually,they wrk fr"Criminal"rights
Congratulation to all those who were against the invasion of #Syria .Its a great victory for both them & #Syrian ppl,who r already suffering
Its positive tht,#USA gov is talkng about"Political"solution,rather than"War"solution about #Syria.They r afraid of US ppl,who r against war
Can #American peoples do it? Can they stop the war against #Syria ,that their Govt is planning? If they can,it'll be the victory of Mankind.