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Jon H
Comically insane how @msnbc trots out every RW pundit & fake poll to further their RWbs. Do they read the REAL "nobody watches us poll"
.@hardball_chris @howardfineman I'm sick of @msnbc touting @tedcruz s' "intellect". Intelligence real or imagined,doesn't make you right'
FACT: The speed of the Bubonic Plague was enhanced by the lowered resistance of a populace starved by a "CLIMATE CHANGE" famine @GOP
.@MicheleBachmann Yes,let's make our fight against our enemies what THEY say it is.You're ignorant,irrelevant,reckless trash, stop talking
Listened to @DennisPrager on "RW Radio". EACH topic was "THIS is really scary",buttressed by weasel callers saying "yes" #damncowards
.@NBCNews @ComcastBill @meetthepress @MorningJoe whines "you're taking her word for it". Who's a BIGGER LIAR than he & @chucktodd ?
.@NBCNews @ComcastBill INCONCEIVEABLE! @meetthepress is the biggest joke/worst "journalism" on TV... "let's add RW liar/shill @MorningJoe "
.@Merlin333 @SenSanders @SenWarren @HillaryClinton @TheDemocrats Nothin 2 wonder Actions speak louder n words We didnt buy it '08 & Same old
Retweeted by Jon H
The Senate’s Most Powerful Senator on Climate Change, James Inhofe, Is a Delusional Lunatic.
Retweeted by Jon H
RT.@SupermanHotMale: @JebBush: Vote for me so I can continue (screwing up) what my brother did(n't. Have time left to finish screwing up)
.@upayr Only "6% know it" because of mealy-mouth @dccc @DWStweets @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems & a compliant media!
Also notice how "it" was my selected pronoun. #Corporations aren't people. But that's just a side note ;)
Retweeted by Jon H
GOP wants to destroy unions so Corps can freely dictate wages, conditions & benefits while polluting w/no limits. China is their role model.
Retweeted by Jon H
RT.@PositivelyJoan @SenSanders & @SenWarren up front working hard v #inequality. @HillaryClinton ? .... That's what @TheDemocrats wonder
Sanders & Warren up front working hard v #inequality. Clinton? Accumulating big $, hiding out 2 avoid foot in mouth ideal 4 instigating war?
Retweeted by Jon H
.@trixies3 @tinapayson @NoGOPNo Imagine saying that drunken, blubbering, slacker/idiot @johnboehner is your "leader" #familymustbeproud
.@NoGOPNo @GOP sycophants are the ONLY "people" in the history of the world who think a pack of crooked,laying,morons never made a mistake
Even if you RW idiots don't buy what @BarackObama is doing,what's your excuse for supporting @GOP doing nothing but whining & 1% advocacy?
A previously blocked RWJass went on & on about my blocking him. Unlike "the media" I'm not inclined to suffer dumbasses gladly,so I don't
.@NoGOPNo I could have added more about @GOP egg-sucking traitorous cowards, but you get the idea....
After 8 years of falsely claiming the President was born elsewhere, conservatives get behind a guy who was born elsewhere. #YouCruzYouLose
Retweeted by Jon H
Me and many Democrats have a big surprise for would be nightriding RW "toughguys", tweeting "lock & load" & other Nancy-boy gibberish
Welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid make up 18% of the total US budget yet dominate 95% of GOP budget conversations.
Retweeted by Jon H
.@NoGOPNo The @GOP is the party of ignorance,incompetence, self-serving recklessness,war-mongering,racists, sexists, crooks, liars & idiots
If you hate FAKE ass people Retweet This With Your Middle Finger"
Retweeted by Jon H
F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fight for you. Respect you. Include you. Encourage you. Need you. Deserve you. Stand by you.
Retweeted by Jon H
.@NoGOPNo Never forget @johnboehner ,after months of "GOP whining" about budgets, stood before "the press" waving a "budget" of BLANK PAGES
.@NoGOPNo PLUS an incompetent @GOP has no legitimate alternative to #Obamacare but "old status quo" & "repeal every line".
Ted Cruz wants to take healthcare away from 16 million people. What a disgrace! #YouCruzYouLose
Retweeted by Jon H
...@deray leaders spelled "leaders"
.@johnboehner @RepPaulRyan etal You clowns are perennially against everything for working Americans.Do the #KochBrothers pay you that much?
.@hateGOP The @GOP has ruined America with EVERY community.. Except plutocrats Who else has been served by those ignorant jackals?
.@SixtyMinutes doesn't understand how LOST "credibility works". Recall suspended "journalist",who call for specwar troops ( @LaraLogan )
.@maddow What about @GovernorOMalley @JenGranholm both impressive at the convention, both whose little finger more Presidential than gop
.@maddow @RandPaul @MarioRubio @GovChristie @bobbyjindahl @tedcruz For Potus, HA! NONE of these egg-sucking jackals, not in MY America
.@goprscum Exactly. @tedcruz against EVERYTHING, having NO alternatives,"let corporations fix it" @MsMcFarland @RepublicanSwine @UniteBlue
@EspuelasVox @ELITUCKERINC @tedcruz Amazing what spews from the mouth of an old Wanna-Be-White racist.
Retweeted by Jon H
HILARIOUS hearing @hardball_chris @kaciehunt @johnfeheery 's stuttering,twisted attempts to validate people known simply as assholes @snl
In what fabricated,RW bizarro-world are @tedcruz @RealBenCarson @MarioRubio etc not called every known racial epithet behind closed doors?
.@hardball_chris You also said " @SarahPalinUSA is smart". Clearly "smart" means something different to you than others with a brain..