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Jon H
.@scrab8448 @allanbrauer @dailykos @latimes If @meetthepress hopes to survive with any respect left, yes
.@marieann66 @club_reid @msnbc I'd bet Al's offering nada, null, void, zero, zip, nothing and plenty of it!
.@Too_Much_Online About time, I'll read it, I'm sure he'll say @SteveForbesCEO @TomPerkins & #peturfy ETAL are full of it
Tax attorney Bob Lord takes on the "rich pay more than their fair share of taxes" canard.
Retweeted by Jon H
Impt DOJ conclusion: stop blaming protesters. Stop blaming "outside agitators." Ferguson PD is the one at fault.
Retweeted by Jon H
.@GetWisdomDude "conservatives" actually are the way the used to characterize "liberals"...
Republicans surprised by their dysfunction Chaos caused by their vitriolic behavior… #UniteBlue
Retweeted by Jon H
.@edshow @robertreich Foreigners have found the formula to destroy America,it's not ISIS or violence,it's lining the pockets of politicians
Reagan advisor #BruceBartlett said of these republicans "But yes, they are really rather stupid and not very well read....." 'nuff said
.@DWStweets @dccc So WHO will appear 24/7 to counter this or are @TheDemocrats going to hope no one listens & sit on their asses
Rubio's tax plan hurts working Americans and increases the deficit, but is great for corporations. Try again:
Retweeted by Jon H
The faux Christian @GOP wants to repeal U.S. citizens' ability to afford healthcare ins. No wonder they sicken Christ. #DontTakeMyCare
Retweeted by Jon H
#GOPLIARS were in love with #Putin. We saw how that turned out. NOW its NUT JOB #Netanyahu. Always WRONG must get tiring! #NetanyahuSpeech
Retweeted by Jon H
Shit. Not surprised. RT @GottaLaff: BREAKING- Darren Wilson will not face federal charges in #MichaelBrown shooting
Retweeted by Jon H
.@GOP should field @RealBenCarson & @GOPBlackChick in 2016,they just love unhinged negroes who drone racist narrative for them,unprompted
.@MarcJampole Thank you! Much of what RW "narrative" reads like a basic exercise in faulty logic, specious & facile "argument"
#Netanyahu uses faulty logic to justify a dangerous & unwise policy
Retweeted by Jon H
Israeli papers react to Netanyahu speech with shrugs and cynicism…
Retweeted by Jon H
Dear SCOTUS: Judicial activism is when you read an intent into a law that Congress never in its wildest dreams imagined. #KingvBurwell
Retweeted by Jon H
.@fennis2000 It's outrageous & simpleminded to suggest I'm snobbish for not eating at @McDonalds while thinking it's fine for your children
.@AmyVernon @fennis2000 @Salon People can eat what they wish. I'm 50+ my BP is 122/77 other vitals ex not letting @McDonalds ruin it
.@fennis2000: You and @McDonalds say: "Convenience, comfort,tradition, price,taste" None of that,supersedes MY health @AmyVernon @Salon
.@fennis2000 What's "snobbery"
,@AmyVernon @Salon Me either. Whatever @McDonalds "want" it's "good" for them. I saw a documentary of their chicken & egg suppliers-sick
.@edshow @JenGranholm Has the facts as to when the law took effect. I'm puzzled why ANYONE is quick to agree with liars like @DarrellIssa
.@AmyVernon @fennis2000 @Salon My kids are no longer kids and due to great parenting  they don't eat at @McDonalds
#tweetleak A progressive show doesn't need right-wing guest. Even YouTube,& many other sources, is replete video
.@AmyVernon @Salon touts magic that will transform @McDonalds poison into food, nothing about it kills you now.... @fennis2000
.@TLTESQ37 "Conservatives" are incapable of connecting acts with intent & result. They'd swear "Bernie Maddoff is a great salesman"
What is better? #Obama's no drama unemotional victorious peace plan. or #Netanyahu's emotional and hysterical plan for a war we will lose.
Retweeted by Jon H
.@Salon Only the most simpleminded person with no current of historical grasp of the issue is "captivated" by @netanyahu 's speech
.@Salon Why do you omit the twitter handle in your tweets. Without that or a hashtag you purposely limit their trending & being found? Why?
Obama Administration approves GMO tree to be planted without regulation or oversight - WHY?…
Retweeted by Jon H
Jim Hightower's Common-Sense Commentaries (Billionaires-without-a-clue want to "fix" Washington)…
Retweeted by Jon H
Quickly send a Letter to the Editor urging #SCOTUS to protect the health coverage of millions. #DontTakeMyCare…
Retweeted by Jon H
.@Salon Good grief. Gimme a break. @McDonalds making it's food healthy! Link me to your stories on decades of "death food"
To everyone who criticized the Ferguson protestors: they were right, you were wrong.
Retweeted by Jon H
RT.@Salon: @netanyahu doesn't want a "better deal." He wants an American war with Iran
America's largest health care company tells SCOTUS that anti-Obamacare argument is "absurd"
Retweeted by Jon H
Warren: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch Received $6 Trillion Backdoor Bailout from Fed…
Retweeted by Jon H
#NetanyahuSpeech claimed the @IAEA had determined #Iran had “a military nuclear program.” This is a lie. IAEA denied that claim by him.
Retweeted by Jon H
It's a shame that Scalia, Alito and Thomas are literally foaming at the mouth to take away life saving healthcare.... #ObamaCareIsWorking
Retweeted by Jon H
Republicans, Not President Obama, Are Anti-Semitic and Un-American… via @politicususa
Retweeted by Jon H
.@JamieTGriffin By the way, we're not even mildly impressed by your echo of a Psych100 "explanation" of anger.. Texas @spooney35 @cspanwj
.@JohnFugelsang bibi "the rat" @netanyahu is a veritable compendium of bullshit, e.g. 25yrs ago "Iran will have a nuclear bomb in 1 yr"