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Jon H
politics journalism 2,011 followers
πŸ’₯"Bipartisan" my ass. WHO seeks affiliation w/ racists, incompetents, liars, conmen on the payroll of entities trying to kill you?@OFAA
πŸ’₯@msnbcc@billburtonn@JansingCoo@Steele_Michaell echos@GOPp astonishing business ignorance! Hiring is a FUNCTION OF PLAN & MARKET@OFAA#tcott
πŸ’₯Q: Are you ALL too stupid and lazy to READ A BUS101 book on hiring BEFORE airing RW BS@ABCc@CBSs@NBCNewss@CNNn@FoxNewss@msnbcc@OFAA
🚫#ALECC members pledge to NOT support : see where@GOPp@FoxNewss@CNNn@msnbcc@ComcastBilll is going here?
⚠️.@econjared @RBReich Can't you explain to TV dummies & politicians "hiring" is not a function of @Heritage or @wallstreet PR instructions?
β˜‘οΈ.@msnbc @chucktodd & @RepPaulRyan know NOTHING about business. "Hiring" is a function of plan,need,profit, not arbitrary @ComcastBill
β˜‘οΈ.@Blackorchid32 These liars, losers, fakes and sellouts like @RepPaulRyan @chucktodd think it's forgotten! @ComcastBill
πŸ’₯@msnbcc@jheill and I'm not going to mention affairs, dead intern found in self-proclaimed-principles-uberCongressman@JoeNBCC 's office
β˜‘οΈ.@msnbc @chucktodd Ask @RepPaulRyan for STATISTICAL &FACTUAL SUPPORT for "higher pay=fewer jobs".Talking Points ARE NOT FACT @ComcastBill
πŸ’₯.News? "sub 3 hr marathoner",Ayn rand disciple, liar@RepPaulRyann "reported" by self-admitted liar@chucktoddd WTG@ComcastBilll#philgriffinn
β˜‘οΈ.@TLTESQ37 @MrsZiggy1988 I think we told "royal buttkissers" we don't need their help centuries ago @piersmorgan @KattyKayBBC
πŸ’₯@masslady066@stvrsnbrgrr@mitchellreportss A pathetic hack willing to look bad advancing#ALECC /@ComcastBilll RW pandering#foxlitee@msnbcc
β˜‘οΈ.@SenRandPaul cloying, childish,vanity candidacy self-certification,is expected of one incapable of independent MD certification #tcot
πŸ’₯@CNNn@msnbcc#jeffZuckerr#PhilGriffinn You're well advised acts to "foxlite" your product reflects poorly on you,your, advertisers&RW BOSSES
MT @stvrsnbrgr I was comparing to @mitchellreports dumping #JaneHarman for the Biebs. @ComcastBill HAS dumbed down @msnbc.” YOU ARE RIGHT
β˜‘οΈ.@msnbc @jheil πŸ’₯@JoeNBCC would have you believe he was#DanielWebsterr in#Congresss-NOT. His voting record:
πŸ’₯@stvrsnbrgrr Oh yes. I saw@CongHuelskampp he is an ignorant embarrassment. I thought you were comparing that to@mitchellreportss
β˜‘οΈ.@MrsZiggy1988 UK's such a little village, you'd think it easier to fix. I guess it's more fun to poke at US @piersmorgan @KattyKayBBC
⚠️Ever notice pissant, namecalling, propagandists like @JoeNBC @seanhannity etc. whine "people hate me"?..Can't take it, don't dish it wimps
.@stvrsnbrgr Clue me on Kansas, I missed that one
πŸ’₯@MrsZiggy19888@piersmorgann talks US guns the week a British soldier gets his head cut off in broad daylight! So smart? FIX UK@KattyKayBBCC
πŸ’₯@msnbcc@JoeNBCC Also,to imply "in fun"@jheill is a cokehead, is juvenile, unprofessional and libelous at best.
β˜‘οΈ.@msnbc @jheil @JoeNBC don't flatter yourself, you're not worth anger. You're just an ignorant clown hired to spread RW stupidity...period