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Jon H
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It's not just @CIA feeding the "idiot press" tales. Remember the @pentagonPresssec @CNN @barbarastarrcnn "impending #NKorean nuclear war"?
.@taboo1099 It's pitiful. They used to claim @TheDemocrats were "disorganized" b/c they are hive-minded? They're drones vs themselves
.What can be said for adults who think @FoxNews @SarahPalinUSA & @oreillyfactor are anything but bearers of unmitigated corp paid bullshit?
.@taboo1099 You got him at "read" (with comprehension). RWNJ "definitions" are fed to them, they swallow them whole
#maddow torture morphed into an excuse for cruelty and human depravity, a sport ,and had nothing to do w/ protecting America.
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.@tsimmonshvac @dailykos What do you expect from a draft-dodging,self-serving,traitorous, lying rat like #dickcheney ? The truth?
Key Fact takeaway from torture report: is that Dick Cheney is a dirty, stinking liar… via @dailykos
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.@mterry337 The thought of idiots, puppets, traitors like @GovernorPerry @tedcruz @randpaul @MittRomney #POTUS , laughably implausible
Exempt from paying taxes, but gets 18 million in taxpayer subsidies?
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CALL Gov Quinn & demand he veto the Amendment to Senate Bill 1342, which makes it illegal to film cops! 312-814-2121
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So can we finally cut the pretense and try Bush Cheny and co. for war crimes now?
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It would have been very simple to indict Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo. Here’s how.…
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.@Ziggy_Daddy "Conman heaven" is running a con & having a pack of mind-numbed, RW, "conservatives" rubes, buying the BS lock-stock & barrel
Destroying an entire country is ok but looting is barbaric: #TedCruz set on destroying the economy by #governmentshutdown to make power grab
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.@CBSEveningNews Kudos @ScottPelley ,finally a network of supposed journalists STARTS to disassemble bold-faced liars like #georgetenet
You others ( @msnbc @CNN @NBCNews @abcnews @NPR @cspan ETAL) mimicking @FoxNews conduit of lies, will find a fabricated audience...too
.@MsMcFarland @wta_WILL_taw Don't let what you do for your family be diluted by scum like @RudyGiuliani The @GOP game blame every1 ELSE
.@MsMcFarland @rudygiulianiGOP @GOP @wta_WILL_taw Known by observers of all races. @RudyGiuliani is a pathetic, POS liar.
ATTENTION, I'm following back by this weekend, you RWNJ lurkers, foxnews cretins had better be gone by then....
.@edshow @MichaelEDyson An argument can be made for African American men to "fear for our lives" and #shootfirst as police approach...
.@BarackObama ENOUGH RW/ @wallstreet appointees! @SenWarren is right-NO TO #antonioweiss . #Genesperling & @neeratanden are both wrong 1/2
.@BarackObama you've misinterpreted "keep your enemies nearer" @wallstreet ers say "If #antonioweiss loses,they'll reject" govt jobs GOOD!
.Come on, look at the tape Everyone KNEW #georgebush ( #buymorestufftoFightTerrorism ) was lying AND the @CIA did more!
@docrocktex26 @word_34 I've told @CNN twice about that. Guess they aren't interested in #FactualReporting. @wolfblitzer
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.@blueinmo Me too. I hate the fencesitters, asskissers trying to hide from the issues...
@Merlin333 @TheRevAl @joanwalsh @GOP ..while attempting to hurt as many children as they can,through their parents,by BLOCKING progress..
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.@blueinmo If it's the LeBron RT, double-check. I posted it too fast - reposted
.@Mediaite You don't really expect rational argument from idiots who "think" the @GOP is flawless & @FoxNews is NOT a paid joke (on them)
.@Mediaite @oreillyfactor is a factless cretin, his lazy FEW idiot/groupies pathetic He's a "specious argument" personified
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: Eric Garner is "dead because of abusive police tactics," not cigarette taxes:
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RT.@mmfa: @CNN 's @JeffreyToobin: Eric Garner is "dead because of abusive police tactics," not cigarette taxes:
.@KathrynBruscoBk @politicoroger Need MORE proof the poll numbers bandied about are bought and sold by pollsters?
Jon Stewart: "Congress' popularity has surged from 10% to 11%. That puts them right behind cruise ship diarrhea." via @politicoroger
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.@NazaninSF Pick another target, everything @SarahPalinUSA is stupid and @SenJohnMcCain has NO balls #tcot #tlot
If Americans are put in danger due to CIA-Bush-Cheney actions, it's not release of the report that does it - it's the illegal torture #ccot
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10 States Most Dependent on the Federal Government… EIGHT of them are #Red states! Hey #tcot, you're welfare queens!
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Mother of Tamir Rice, 12-year-old boy fatally shot by police, wants officer convicted #gunfail #nra
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Oklahoma’s Attorney General Had an Oil and Gas Company Write a Letter to the EPA For Him… via @Slate
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Alan Grayson rips Republicans apart for September 11th attacks…
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Another example of how petty and sinister this current iteration of the Republican party is in this snippet.
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".....republicans buy shoes too" MY ASS Bravo #LebronJames , you're a real winner @KingJames @cavs @BrooklynNets @NBA
..And you @hardball_chris having advocated @SarahPalinUSA @SenJohnMcCain @tedcruz ETAL as #POTUS, have NO credibility on the subject ZIP IT!
.@hardball_chris @howardfineman @ChiTribPage of course #GeorgeB thinks #jebBush wins, after all he stole two elections didn't he?
Apologies to my Texas friends, my 1st college GF, now an oil co atty (still special) I'm sure you're ALL not bad... @Merlin333
.@hardball_chris @DavidCornDC @CliffordDMay Thieves are easily spotted,they're the ones who want fewer locks & have many reasons for it