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Jon H
RT.@adam_zander: #OpFerguson: Wrong Name Was Released Of Ferguson Cop Who Shot Mike Brown…” UPDATED AM:Darren Wilson
.@msnbc @upwithsteve I do not understand your continual incredulity re: #Ferguson are you incapable of detecting blatant lies?
.@msnbc @maddow @upwithsteve from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by force or fear 2/3
.@msnbc @upwithsteve @Sifill_LDF Q: If there is NO law, if "authorities" don't follow law AND no one makes them, what good is "the law"
.@WillevaLindsey Well, there you have it.....
.@msnbc @maddow BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY says: Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property In the possession of another 1/3
.@msnbc @upwithsteve BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY says: Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property In the possession of another 1/3
.@TheRevAl @LisaBloom HOW can a police department OR Atty gen showing no knowledge of or inclination to follow the law, follow it? @OFA
.@replouiegohmert ,you insipid, paid for idiot.You can't one week claim #POTUS deports everyone, the next they're voting for him! @OFA
.@MichaelEDyson @DrJamesPeterson & @JohnFugelsang are correct. If you call out @BarackObama call @TheDemocrats /your colleagues out 2 @OFA
.@MichaelEDyson OK you've made a valid point. I add "TV personalities", @TheDemocrats politicians MUST STOP THEIR timidity too! @OFA
.@WillevaLindsey BINGO. While it is clear #CaptRonJohnson 's presence is valuable,until he is able to speak the obvious, there's a problem
.@PamelaAndRose "link me" means - Send me the page address to the Russell Brand video? If it's on YouTube I can find it
.@AmericanMirror carpetbagger/industrialists Jay Gould said "I can always hire half of the people to kill the other half" @fullofbalogna
@fullofbalogna . Great analogy JJ, it’s called a Police State where the 49.5% of the lower classes get 2 kill the other 49.5. #While1%laughs
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.@PamelaAndRose Never too late to "stop digging".Making American what it should be is ongoing work-crooks,liars,repubs every inch of the way
.@PamelaAndRose Were you the one who posted the link of a (I think British comic) making fun of American politics??
.@PamelaAndRose Clearly they should not "judge themselves".History/human nature assures self-judgment= #EPICFAIL @YoursAlwys @fullofbalogna
The #Ferguson police department takes the Oscar for being TERRIBLE at their job! Don't they know that they are violating the constitution?
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.@fullofbalogna I wouldn't say laws ONLY harm the most vulnerable created & used improperly they help no one but their "makers" @YoursAlwys
Remember @msnbc CEO #philgriffin 's announced they'll do "deeper analysis" - apparently his euphemism for amateurish rehash of RW BS
.@as_promised: .@tkdmike .@msnbc Tried watching #MorningJoe ONCE...couldn't make it all the way through. #MSNBC”JOIN THE GROWING CLUB
.@Pat120 @theonlyadult Like bag-of-s#]t murdering coward #georgezimmerman portrayed as too timid to swat a fly.
.@srjones66 "liberal" @msnbc in the pack w/ cautious,tentative, timid language re: incompetent, rogue police,reckless libel to it's victims
Darren Wilson didn't know about the robbery, at least 3 people saw him executing Brown, yet he's still walking free, getting paid. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Jon H that man..he wants it. #Ferguson #MikeBrown #lol I can't do this anymore - #WorstPoliceDepartmentEver Wow! That video is crazy!
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Case law Rasanen v. Doe, 723 F.3d 325 (2013) citing Tenn. v. Garner 471 US 1 (1985) cite that an officer CANNOT shoot surrendered citizen.
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