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Jon H
politics journalism 2,243 followers
So @finneyk @EricCantor gerrymandered HIMSELF out of office? Hahahaha
.@gaywonk Fuck off you're blocked. If you said that to my face I'd kick your ass
Virginia Dems, is Cantor's district beyond @TheDemocrats ?
.@MsRock4Ever The question is what kind of people believe conmen/fakes like him?! He's as obvious as they come! @gaywonk @gracels
I wish there were words to describe the depths of depravity a slime like beck will sink to. He is disgusting at best @gaywonk @gracels
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.@SecolaEdwards Today I read several Latino advocates conflate @GOP & @TheDemocrats , an error, I saw your tweet & lost the connection 
This isn't complicated @EricCantor is a sneak, a #kochbros flunky & he had it coming .... Period.
.@eossipov Yamamoto did say that and it was true... @GOP @OFA @UniteBlue
.@SecolaEdwards Read a few of my tweets, it may give you context
.@SecolaEdwards It appears you misread my tweet.. @TheDemocrats
How long did it take before Cantor's loss was spun as bad for Obama? 32 seconds give or take…
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Right @AriMelber Laura Ingraham makes a rational point. Is @msnbc paid to match @FoxNews RW propaganda 1:1?
@cgpb Tell that to thousands of children being abused in camps. Oh, wait, you have the fake patriot yellow ribbon avi, no reasoning with you
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.@SecolaEdwards I'd add stop claiming @TheDemocrats are like the @GOP on immigration or an other topic, we are not perfect and NOT THEM
.@leemeade77 @MSNBCRachel @allinwithchris EVERYTIME I saw @EricCantor on TV,he was in front of an @AEI banner or booing voters. @OFA #tcot
Take Your Country Back From MORONS=> In 147 Days We MUST #TakeOutTheNationalTrash in 2014 #GOP is a National Disgrace & Global Embarrassment
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@joanwalsh on @JebBush's chances: "..hard to see anyone who called families crossing border “an act of love” winning GOP primary right now."
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.@CHHolte @SpeakerBoehner @EricCantor cantor was a backstabber, he was out to get boehner, he was voice of TP, that makes it even better :-)
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GOP pattern uses any fabricated scandal to make WeThePeople doubt our Govt so that we may help them dismantle it for Privatization.
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RT.@MichaelSteele: @EricCantor raised and spent $5M. #Brat raised and spent $206K. Nuf said. #moneyaintenuf hahahaha @OFA #tcot
.@MiltShook You'd have thought all doubters would be clear on that after @MittRomney tried to buy it & busted @AliasHere @FogBelter
.@Merlin333 @allinwithchris @PilarMarrero Well,now the assertion "both parties" are "the same on immigration" will be tested... @OFA
.@MiltShook @AliasHere Milt Alias @EricCantor had a 25:1 money advantage. @FogBelter I guess we don't have to quit after all LOL @OFA