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Why do I keep getting life coverage emails? Like should i be worried?
Awkward moment when Dec says "nice to see you" to Andrea Bocelli
Actually think the choir might win it #BGTfinal
Note to self: do not leave pancake mix out for 2 days or you will come back to your room smelling like 20 people threw up in the same place.
Lazy days are the best days
Getting ID'd for a scratch card when I'm nearly 19 πŸ‘πŸΌ
#favey #venue #nightout @abipiercy
Best night I've had in a long time πŸ·πŸΈπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Venue last night 🍸🍷
I feel so lost without my phone
Plot twist it's actually about a boy #bgt
It's an ABBA kind of night
Awkward moment when we give Australia 10 points and they gave us nul points #Eurorvision2015
whoever gave uk our one singular point ur invited for a cheeky nandos
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You think the whole "you cannot vote for the UK" message is just shown here, but it's actually shown in every country. #eurovision2015
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99% of Brits only watch Eurovision for Graham Norton's commentary
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Nah she's not very good tbh #BGT
1st barbecue of 2015 #summer πŸ˜ŽπŸΊβ˜€οΈ
They're basically protesting against democracy #morons
The protests in London are disgusting, the Tories won the majority deal with it.
He couldn't dance at all #bgt
Why are people on their feet? It was so so bad hahaha #BGT
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Ironically, the people who punished Lib Dems for coalition with Tories will now see the value of the Lib Dems. #UnrestrainedToryGovernment
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So I was going to have a lie in but I forgot the trumpet in player on my floor piles to play at 8:40 without a mute #stfu
Always sit in my room thinking I should probably exercise and usually just end up walking to the cupboard for food
Couldn't be happier at the moment 😊😊😊
Is #Newzoids meant to be funny? It's actually atrocious.
Just get me home already :(
Coming back from skiing looking like Rudolph because your nose burns.
Cannot wait for next Tuesday @17HannahLouise should be a great day and a good laugh! :) xxx
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When I have to share a room with my mum on holiday and she snores, I think sleeping in the bath becomes perfectly acceptable.
I can never get my eyebrows how I want them #sosad
There's always one loud annoying person on a train.
Why is some little bitch talking really loudly on the phone on my train, I don't care about your argument with your mum about your job.
So glad my easter assessments are all over
Why has mother's day now become post a selfie/picture with your mum on as many social network sites as possible?
I wish people would stop hotboxing my floor when I want to sleep
It's all happening. Back on about 5.20 for 2 more pieces with the @GMTbrass and interviews. Keep listening
Retweeted by Hannnnah
Think it's about time I invested in an umbrella, don't feel I really pull off the drowned rat look.
Listen in today live on @BBCRadio3 3 between 16:30 and 18:30 to hear the @GMTbrass perform a selection of pieces and interviews @BBCInTune
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Invited to play @BBCRadio3 Thursday 26th February at 15:30. Hopefully you'll be part of the audience! #brass #ensemble #excited #bbcradio3
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Think that Hey There Delilah will always be my favorite song
I could probably sleep for 24 hours and still be tired

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