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arcticmonkeys 4,368 followers
Parents going away for a few days #Bliss
Going to be so skint by the end of summer
T In The Park ticket booked #yay
Why did I book myself in for a full day of revision classes in the holidays :(
History Coursework done, I now have a massive 3 hours sleep to look forward to #luckyme
The was the most perfect ending #mmfd
The A2 music class must have the worst homework record in the whole of college haha.
Spent most of mothers day in my room doing history coursework #topdaughter
Having sensitive hearing is so annoying when trying to do work
I can see myself falling asleep in theology tomorrow
No idea how I just managed to break a cracker so it flicked up crumbs into my eye. 👍
Don't remember a day when my mum hasn't moaned or lectured me about something
Don't think there's anything in my life i hate more than buses
Don't understand how anyone can support the death penalty, it isn't justice. #LifeAndDeathRow
somehow managed to get in 98% of photo's taken on saturday
So tired but so much work to do
No idea how I'm going to get through today when I'm this tired
The fact I've just had to cut out a massive chunk of the back of my hair because I got it stuck in a hot brush has put me in a v bad mood
Going to need my own personal spider killer next year
Could eat cheesecake all day everyday.