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A massive happy 86th birthday to my fab nanna 💕
One thing I will never be is a jealous person, jealousy is a bitch.
Really don't have time for silly rumors that go around
Happy 86th Birthday to my beautiful nanna ❤
whoever did cheryl's makeup needs to be sacked #xfactor
Reunited with my baby, miss my dog more than anything when i'm away
Suddenly realized I need to properly clean my room because my parents are coming down tomorrow, this is going to take a while.
i am freezing someone please cuddle me or set me on fire either is fine
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Never felt like more of a bad person than when I just ate all of my advent calender on December 1st
Genuinely considering staying up until 00:00 just to open my advent calender so I can have chocolate #PoorStudentLife
Think this may be the most unproductive day i've ever had
Last nightttt (before it went wrong)
Can't deal with my phone being broke :(
Attempting to go out in central tonight with only £20. I need to top up my oyster and get a taxi back, which leaves me about 20p for drinks
Throat feels like sandpaper :(
So after around 2 hours of trecking around London trying to find the N1/188 taxi we gave up and got a taxi #IHateLondon
This basically sums up me this week
Productive day for once, could literally fall asleep any minute.
All i want right now is hot chocolate, cuddles and Disney films
Think I may have actually just dozed off while playing a scale #sleepy
Getting home from any outing and immediately 'popping the kettle on'.
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ye know yer desperate as fuck for a job when ye seriously consider applying to be a christmas elf at a grotto.
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I will always be confused when someone says dinner and they actually mean tea, not lunch #NorthernerInTheSouth
Pretty sure the hot water in halls doesn't work more than it does
Managed to mess up my sleeping pattern so much i'm practically nocturnal.
Would love to be able to crawl back into bed
Always go to bed way too late and regret it in the morning
Can't get enough of Starbuck's toffee nut latte's and gingerbread latte's 😍
Performance platform tomorrow #killme
The sun is out, the skies are blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view. And one's reigning; reigning in one's heart. #Reigning
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Good films to watch anyone?
So after watching the notebook for the first time I'm a complete emotional wreck
Don't think today could of gone any worse :)
Feeling a little worse for wear after @KoosdayManc last night with @VickMis and @MrHarryBr 👌
5th av last night 🍸🍸🍸
The amount of times I've said i'm never drinking again after a night out.
Missed my manc night outs
Don't think anywhere other than Manchester will ever feel like home
Feel so good to be home
Won't make the effort with someone if it's not reciprocated
It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I will never be a morning person