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Feel so dead today
Hakuna Ma'vodka: It means no worries, for the rest for your night.
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Why am I only just going to sleep when it's already getting light outside? :(
Had such a good night
Feel like i've not slept for 3 days
18 finally 👌👍�#woopwoopwoop
Spicy tequila shot - never again
@17HannahLouise don't worry too much, I remember their being loads of park benches - I'm sure you'll find a nice one
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"contact others on the Facebook group to find people to share a house/flat with" lololol are you joking?
Pretty sure there's a responsibility to offer 1st year students accommodation
Well looks like my plans for next year are ruined
"Why am I not at Glastonbury" Cause you didn't buy a ticket? you fucking thick fucking cunt
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Family party for me and the brother
Can't believe that I've actually been told to find private accommodation in london next year because they can't offer me halls #NoThanks
Already want to go to sleep
I have to be up in 3 hours and I'm still not tired 👍
Think I've actually become nocturnal
Waking up at 7 tomorrow is going to be a nightmare