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Men's Humor
CAN'T GET OUT OF BED! SEND HELP! or bacon... just send bacon.
How females mark their territory.
Washing the dishes. Level: College
Something tells me this was staged - but funny af anyway…
Which one do they talk about first?
Although tequila is highly toxic, it can be used to dissolve the friend zone.
I've pretended a few times, as well.
Suddenly, I'm very interested in volleyball for some strange reason…
Sargasm: the exhilarating feeling you get when the right person understands that you weren’t serious and appreciates your joke.
We're playing #FantasyFootball this SUNDAY! $10 to play, CASH PRIZES LIKE CRAZYYYY!
What do 95% of men do after an orgasm? Delete their browser history.
Ladies, you know some of these are too true…
Life is short. Eat more pizza.
That is how you take care of a tattoo of your ex's name…
Honey Boo Boo's show has been canceled. In other news, my faith in humanity has been restored.
Dude sneezes, girls clothes fly off, strangers react.…
Ever update an app and realize the "fixed issues" were all a lie and it will never be the same? That's what going back to an ex is like.
When you see your neighbors house getting robbed...
I bet if you look up dictionary in the dictionary it says “don’t be an asshole”.
Is this how rich people play cards?
Smelling another person should be a choice.
Sometimes when I wave my hands in the air, I actually do care.
I don't share food.
The scariest part of halloween...
This is how you handle a random text troll - anyone know how he did this?…