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Men's Humor
"I need to stop." I whispered as clicked "Next Episode". @netflix
a sentence will always look like poetry if you hit "enter" a lot
Wow, she really doesn't give a fuck.…
My reaction to stepping in dog shit is identical to me logging onto Facebook.
Everybody has that one friend...
Oh the things you "learn" in college.…
If two people are arguing and one person says, “You know what…” that argument is about to get awesome.
Funny how satisfying it is to see liars called out on the internet.…
Beard Law: If you touch my beard without asking, I get to touch your butt without asking.
Don't let another Sunday pass without playing #FantasyFootball with us! $10 to play, 1st=$5k
If you put your ear up real close to a tramp stamp, you can hear the daddy issues.
A spam text is an act of war, and people should be permitted to respond accordingly……
I don't trust people that dislike tacos.
Just to clarify… not all of these things were said by women. :)…
All you white chicks can go pumpkin crazy now.
When you think you're doing good in school so far and you see your grades...
Hopefully your morning is going better than this...
And, yet another day passes and I’ve gone without using calculus.
Even if girls came with instructions, men would never read them.
This guy knows how to troll an entire school!
I’m that friend that you have to explain to people before you introduce me and apologize about afterwards.
You guys, I just witnessed a miracle. Saw a girl at Starbucks who ordered a coffee but didn’t Instagram it.
Fact: Candy corn tastes way better in the shape of a pumpkin.
Is this some kind of disease that all girlfriends get?…
Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity.
ACTUAL #FantasyFootball Skills = $$$$$, Play with us: $10 to play, 1st=$5K
Most women are afraid of clowns, but somehow still end up dating one.