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Men's Humor
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You guys want to know the secret to owning a @Porsche?
My favorite co-worker is the @Keurig.
"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going, and hook up with them later" -Mitch Hedberg
May this serve as a warning for this weekend...…
CRACKED tells us the most overused jokes we should all stop making.…
Bro, you're making us all look bad.…
This is what broke looks like...
There's always that one person who catches you doing something weird.
Don’t be stupid, if their ex is still calling its because they’re still getting an answer. #TRUTH
Shout out to loud sneezers. What the hell was that? Did you just get shot?
Condoms prevent Minivans.
Why do 99% of the weird-ass-shit headlines in the US come outta Florida?…
Coffee is not just a's a cup of liquid sanity.
The only Back To School supplies I'll need...
Kids these days...they grow up so fast.…
Don't trust people that dislike Tacos. They're probably not human.