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Would you do THIS for whiter teeth?
You want her to leave satisfied, but you don’t have all night:
Don't let late-night snacking ruin your diet:
Everyone Poops & Farts! Check out this link To our Body Science: How a Bean Becomes a Fart animation! (📷 @travisrathbone )
Solutions to all of life's little annoyances:
The fast-paced lunge that hammers your lower half:
The scary side effect of Viagra:
Is there a RIGHT time of day to work out? Research suggests there is:
Enough with swiping left or right on Tinder. Try out some of these:
Who's watching the US Open? (📷 Levi Brown-July/August 2013 issue) #fire #tennis #usopen @usopen
How a little splurging can help your health:
You don't need tons of equipment for a great workout. Just one dumbbell, some floor space, and 15 minutes.
Does your breath secretly stink? Here's how to tell:
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Our sex professor answers your most common penis-related questions:
If you struggle with pullups, try this: