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#FridayFries 🍟🍟🍟 Check out these #Yucca Fries from the plate of our fitness director @bjgaddour! If you've never tried them, you don't know what you're missing. On behalf of the entire MH team, we wish you a safe and happy #LaborDayWeekend! #FriesOnFleek #Food #Foodie #FoodPorn #Fries #TGIF #🍟
Torch your gut with two exercises, sponsored by @BMWUSA:
#FlexFriday BUILD BOULDER SHOULDERS with ECCENTRIC SHOULDER SWEEPERS from our fitness director @bjgaddour! Raise the weights overhead and take at least 5 seconds to lower them to the front of your body. Repeat but this time lower to the sides of your body. Do 10 total reps; 5 to the front and 5 to t
CRAZY BUT TRUE: 10 percent of women AND men have climaxed from exercising! Scientists can’t totally explain what we’ve dubbed “The Coregasm,” but the guys who have experienced it say these five specific core exercises got them off. Don’t try to achieve this in a public gym—it could get messy. Watch
When doing #Deads at 495lbs is too easy, just do them with one hand. Ha! This is #WorldClass #Strength right here! #💪 #Fitness #MHfit #TheBetterManProject #Deadlifts #BeastMode *** #Repost @kabuki_strong with @repostapp. ・・・ #ThrowbackThursday Deadlifting 495x5 with ONE ARM 5 years ago. Dang I was
NEVER DO CURLS WITH KETTLEBELLS... unless you do any of these 5 moves from our fitness director @bjgaddour! Name and benefit of each move in first 5 comments below.👇#Biceps #Curls #Kettlebells #Muscle #Fitness #Grip #TheBetterManProject #Forearms #GunShow #💪 #TeamHighCalves
🙌🔥🎾#WomanCrushWednesday When Beauty IS the BEAST! Hats off to Serena Williams, arguably the most dominant athlete in the world! #WCW #BeautyIsTheBeast #Fitness #Tennis #GOAT #💪 #strongisthenewskinny @serenawilliams
.@TrueDetective’s #ColinFarrell inside @MensHealthMag’s September issue in our Menswear Bellham Shirt in White.
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#WorkoutWednesday TROUBLE WITH YOUR KETTLEBELL SWING? Try this variation from our fitness director @bjgaddour to fix your form and make your hips and hammies work harder! Tag a friend who needs this! *** #Repost @bjgaddour with @repostapp. ・・・ #TransformationTuesday This is one of my favorite kettle
See how this guy got absolutely shredded:
#WorkoutWednesday DOUBLE-TAP if you're game for this genius BACK & BICEPS exercise from our fitness director @bjgaddour! He calls it the BENT-OVER ROW TO BICEP CURL. Perform a normal bent row but then sweep the dumbbells from your armpits to right in front of your face and squeeze your biceps as har
The most unforgettable models to ever appear in our magazine:
He's over 50 years old and he's #Shredded! His training tool of choice? Resistance bands. Check out this core-crushing move! #Fitness #TheBetterManProject #💪 #FitOver50 #ResistanceBands #Abs *** #Repost @dave_rbt with @repostapp. ・・・ We are back at it! Here's a core crusher for your Tuesday: Pillar
The ultimate sex position playbook (from @WomensHealthMag):
Got my ASS KICKED-yesterday's workout. Take today off?!? NO WAY! NOW is when it counts! NO QUITTING! @MensHealthMag
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@MensHealthMag My son doesn't recognize my pic from 5 years ago! 225 lbs to 170 and 8% #transformationtuesday #mhfit
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THE STRETCH YOU MUST TRY BEFORE YOUR NEXT SQUAT SESSION! Many guys are missing internal rotation at their hips which causes feelings of stiffness and straining in the low back and hips at the bottom of the squat position. Try this WINDSHIELD WIPER mobilization from our fitness director @bjgaddour to
@MensHealthMag 215 last July.(left) 160 now(right) Amazing what sticking to a workout routine and proper diet can do.
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@MensHealthMag 250 lb summer before senior year of high school to 190 pounds as a freshman at West Point.
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