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Men's Health Mag
Find out where you should live—based on your health.
Make the best bacon you've ever tasted:
If you’re looking to spice it up, try one of these international favorites.
We asked women to describe their hottest hookups:
7 rules of on-the-road fitness:
Consider these the 25 commandments of being a guy.
NOT Ebola, just a cool photo from way back in 2012 (📷 @slinc /December 2012)
Don’t let this slow you down. Here’s what to do:
Tips for you wanna-be-early-riser-riders! RT @MensHealthMag: Always tired in the morning? Try these tips:
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Whether you’re training for a marathon or just doing cardio, read this:
This handy equation by @MarkRober helps calculate when speeding is actually worth it.… @MensHealthMag
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Studies show there's a 50-50 chance she does. Should you care?
Check out all the benefits to sex—besides the obvious.
Don't re-watch the same crap for the 100th time. Try one of these:
A NASCAR driver taught our editor how to live—by almost killing him.
Think you'd be man enough to make it through these?
There's a six-pack in there somewhere. Here's how to find it:
It might be time for a shave. Just saying.. (📷 @clairebenoist /March 2013)
'How to Sleep Better During Freak Week’ in @MensHealthMag with research from Psych PhD candidate Gordon Pennycook…
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This bit of information isn't as important as you think:
Sore after your workout? You should know this before taking pain-reducing pills:… via @MensHealthMag #FlexPower
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Everything you need to know about what can sabotage your weight loss:
If you’re balding like this, you might want to get checked.
The scary thing inside your toothpaste: