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Gamers please check out this video it is amazing. (:
i hate that skinny people eat like pigs and loose weight instead of gaining it. #hdyf
Me: Bye Twitter I have homework to do and school in the morning. Twitter: LOL, you ain’t going no where. Me: Fine, I guess I'll stay on
teacher: can I have your attention please? student: I don't know, can you? #hdyf
My relationship is like an iPhone 5. I don’t have an iPhone 5.
Friday. My second favorite F word. First is fruit what did u think?
Oh your account is protected? What the fuck do you tweet? Nuclear launch codes? #hdyf
I need a 6 month vacation, twice a year. #hdyf
I wish exercising was as easy as eating. #hdyf
#kony2012istillbelieve #kony2012 @Invisible Invisible Children supporters rise up! Remind the world that we still BELIEVE! tweet #kony2012
A real girlfriend doesn't complain while her boyfriend is on his Xbox. She sits there and yells, "Kill that bitch!"
I'm pretty sure that if Walt Disney watched Disney Channel today, he would cry.
Kinda funny how the colors red, white, and blue represent freedom until they are flashing behind you.
My life is like a romantic comedy except theres no romance and its just me laughing at my own jokes. #Hdyf
Your Girlfriend. Rated "E" For Everyone.
I hate at restaurants when people arrive after you, but still get their food before you. #hdyf
who else remembers drawing that wicked 'S' using those 6 straight lines? #HDYF
What if a celebrity dialled the wrong number and called you? #HDYF
Twitter is like New York. It's the site that never sleeps.. #hdyf
Twitter is like New York. It's the site that never sleeps.. #hdyf
'American kid: "You're from the UK? Ohhh cool, So do you have tea with the Queen?". British kid: "Do you like, go to mcdonalds with Obama?"
AAAAAH! WALKING CARROTTTTTTTTT!!!!" "Grandma please, it's just Sn00ki!
Dear Boys Wearing Skinny Jeans, I. Can't. Breathe. Sincerely, Your Balls #hdyf
I love my haters.. They spend their precious time thinking and talking about me.. So sweet of them.. ;) #hdyf
*Common lies* Parents: you're perfect.Friends: that was my last gum. Boys: I love you. Girls: Im ok.Twitter: we're gunna fix things up soon.
Taylor Swift + Vodka) - Talent= Ke$ha #hdyf
When I was little I had a HUGE imagination. Now I can't even make up a story for english class.