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Melissa Johnson
Drinking water out of a coffee cup will always be weird
Very few things will stress you out quicker than booking #holidaytravel how do they get away with hiking fares like this? Because we pay.
earrings for my baby's 10th Birthday. A few weeks early but close enough #theygrowtoofast
Me: we've got to bring daddy's car to the shop. Lex: ok, in case something happens, I'll be in back because I am very precious cargo
Thank U @EnterDelusion you're everything I thought you would be and more. benefit of going alone? Enter with strangers, leave with friends
So, this happened. Future marine biologist in action #fullsteamahead
If only I was this good at catching stuff as this guy was
Day 8 #Halloween movie was the remake of Carrie...meh, have to bounce back with Day 9 with something fun on cable this evening
First #lunareclipse for Lex, stayed awake for almost the whole show
#lunareclipse oct 2014. Stunning even with all the ambient lighting around
Day 7 #Halloween movie Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. Great little mix of horror and comedy
Day 6 #Halloween movie, I think this day calls for #Creepshow
Day 5! #Halloween movie, a '90's flick that if it came out today would be PG13....Wishmaster with pic
Day 5! #Halloween movie, a '90's flick that if it came out today would be PG13....Wishmaster
Day 4 #Halloween movie a little salty but still in the lighter side of horror with James Gunn's little gem #Slither
Day 3 #Halloween movie. Dracula, Dead and loving it. I think lex is going to love this one. #melbrooks
Day 2 #Halloween movie month. Going to go all ‘80’s today and might stick with this theme for a few days. Kicking it off with #Gremlins
Catching up on #sleepyhollow looks like it could be a fun season
Day 1 of #Halloween movie month. light and fun today with Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom Deluise and Jonathan Price #HauntedHoneymoon
#StocktonCA #rollerderby flat track championships. Great way to spend a Saturday
Early stage of Halloween costume. Any guesses?
Ah, College Football Saturday. A whole day of sitting around and watching unpaid kids ruin their knees for a degree in Communications.
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Weekend starts with raspberry cider
#stoctonca finally getting a rainy morning and my car getting a little washing
#stoctonca finally getting a rainy morning and my car getting a little washing
#photogrid for those that did not believe.. I give you the elusive "Peanut"
"Both men & women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men & women should feel free to be strong". @EmWatson:…
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Dr. Henry Morgan @ForeverABC very interested so far. Sometimes, There is hope for network tv. @ioangruffudd
Rain cloud in central California. Not the rain maker I thought it would be #nofilter
This day's th' day fer geeks 'o th' seven seas to speak like a scurvy pirate
At least no matter what Scotland decides, they are giving it 110%. #ScotlandDecides #CNN
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They say we are cooling off to 98 degrees today, well, I guess heat wave is done. pools all closed for the “season.” #crazycalifornia
real rainbow over neighbor's house with ripple effect
messing with a mirror effect and contrast, turned out like this
If there is something better than listening to @ThrillingAdv podcast on a roadtrip, I don’t wanna know. #beyondbelief
DAMMIT. I want to be in a bluegrass band so bad. @fadetobluegrass's excellent cover of Rocket Man ->
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We are saddened to hear of the passing of Richard Kiel. Mr. Kiel appeared both StocktonCon events at the Stockton...
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Woo hoo. One of my favorite authors, @PeterClines is now on twitter! Welcome to the darkside, being delivered 140characters at a time
Lex trying out water polo, we’ll be looking to do this in spring. Both lex and Coach Tom think it’s a good idea:)
The problem with #womancrushwednesday is which smart, beautiful & talented @Scirens to tag first. #fullsteamahead
Get your personal Twitter favorite automaton. Accepting beta users now
Too soon? Nope.UPDATE: Preregistration for #SDCC 2015 will take place "sometime in November 2014":
#brandycreektrail #whiskeytownlake loving the outdoors with the family
#shastacaverns great weekend. lots if beauty, lots of memories with the fam