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I hate that I want all the gifts i bought for people, yet I never buy nice things for myself
For about 2 seconds I got so excited
I think standard is waiting for the reply before texting another 3 times
I'm so sad I'm running out of chocolate
For some reason there's a lot more hw, projects and quizzes after the term 😭. And I thought it was all over
"I'm a rich bitch, I'm the upper class" yeah mhm I wish I could say that #Donatella @ladygaga
"Have u ever been to a funeral?" "Yeah I've been to hundreds" haha the most depressing thing to know πŸ˜–πŸ˜†
omg this phone makes the loudest weirdest vibration noise it scared the shit outta me
so tumblr is the photo version of twitter? i still don't understand it
wow i am SO glad now that she doesn't have unlimited text, that was ridiculous
I love going to Michaels cause it smells nice in there
Can someone get me @shanedawson for christmas? I'll πŸ’ u forever I think
If the boys ever come here again, I will kill to see them πŸ”«
If the things that happen in my head ever happen in real life I think I would be the cause of the apocalypse
"Moral of the story is you should be paranoid about everyone"-@AnaKasparian hahaha this so explains me!!! πŸ˜†οΏ½@tytuniversityty
I will try my hardest to have this happen today 😑
My feed is completely filled pictures of food and i think i gaining weight just by looking at them ;D lol thanks @_pizzalou_
Omg I thought I did it but I'm just even more sad now 😩
I have one goal right now and I'm trying so hard every single day until it's accomplished, which is hopefully by the end of the year
dad: what do u want for christmas? me: harry dad: what? me: harry styles dad: anything for u #mtvstars One Direction
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Awe Tom Daley coming out, I give him so much respect and all the support in the world, he's happy, that's all that mattersβ€οΈπŸ’–@TomDaley19944
Those defective bobby pins that don't clamp fully so at the worst time it falls out and your hair is a mess
Mmmmm chocolate goldfish crackers
Starbucks actually has some pretty chill coffee gift sets, I know who's getting a mug and coffee grounds for Christmas ;D
Voting ends next week! They can't be runner up! We want these guys to come out on top!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–#mtvstarsrs One
We were getting there too, now are we just going to give up? #mtvstars One Direction
RT or tweet this hashtag and i'll follow you (on twitter, not in real life- you might think that's creepy) #camilacafollowspree
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7 hours wasted doing this project
How the fuck is Sunday a weekday
Really can you just shut the fuck up, just shut the fuck up for 1 min?
WERE WINNING!!!!!! WE HAVE TO KEEP IT THIS WAY!!!! KEEP VOTING!!!! #mtvstars One Direction
Someone started yelling in front of me in a different language, I thought they were talking to me but thank god they weren't.
Christmas shopping is as stressful as people say it is, I really hope they like what I get them πŸ˜•
Perhaps the most unoriginal thing anyone's ever done #grande @ArianaGrande
Sometimes i don't even no why I try, but I keep doing..
Ahhh omg foot cramps holy shit oww, oh now it's better
star of 2013, go to to check out the standings and vote!#mtvstars One Direction @1Dfangirlls_
I was just a tiny bit away from a heart attack
β€œ@UberFacts: 70% of our universe is made up of dark energy, however no one is sure of what that is exactly.”it might be coming from me sorry
Is it official yet? It's the #bernella shipπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Bernice gets jealous when I talk about me and ivy being together 😝
For about 4 presentations i totally forgot theres a 3hole puncher that could fall on my head any second