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IRVINE-SO FINE MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND! STELLAR way to start the final weekend of the #RaiseEmUpTour! Thank you all. -KU
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.@Joan_Rivers Gonna miss your wicked & wild sense of humor. #RIP 👼
"@JolieJulie3: Should have watched @InsideBates sooner, love it!! Almost done watching first season in.. 2 days :/ I know!"The friggin best!
For everything you've lost, you've gained something else. Without the dark, you would never see the stars.
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Girl who plays Rosalie on Twilight saga.. #worstactress. BEST... @AshleyMGreene.
#nowplaying @NicoandVinz 'Am I Wrong'.... #obsessed! - great tune guys. 🎶🎵
"@AHSFX: Step right up, the show is about to begin … The Freak Show premieres October 8. #AmericanHorrorStory…"#YES!
Been slacking on tweets since work is keeping me busier these days... Ughhh. #TGIS !!
Help save the wolves and boycott this ridiculous TV show:…
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Sweet...... Sweeet..... Dreams. x0 🌙✨💫
This man was incredible-thank you for the amazing moments you made us all feel sir. You will be missed…
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Such a comedic genius & incredible human being. You will be missed... #RIPRobinWilliams -- Make 'em laugh in heaven. 💖👼
From all of us on Twitter, you will be missed, and we'll never forget your best tweet ever. #RIPRobinWilliams
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#RIPRobinWilliams No one has ever made us laugh harder. We are grateful to have gotten to witness your genius and talent our whole lives.
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#Aries females love surprises. It's a great way to make them fall in love with you.
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My milkweed brings monarchs to the yard, & they're like... it's better than yours.
For the love of monarchs: plant some milkweed! Learn how to help the butterflies through gardening choices.
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RING, RING, HIT that UP..... Show that Universal LOVE 🎶💞💕
Welcome to August. #makeitcount!! 🐝🐯⛅
"@KeithUrban: I'd give it two thumbs WAY up - if my other wasn't taking the photo !!!" I live for suspense thrillers!
"@WOWFactsOfLife: One study found that brunettes make better friends and wives."......😘💕
"@World_Wildlife: ICYMI: Happy #GlobalTigerDay! RT if you love tigers!" Yesss, my spirit animal... Roooarrr🐯
"@iansomerhalder: Yeah baby!!!!!!!!Get ready to see comic con 2014 through my eyes with @VanityFair and…" Fun!!
@iansomerhalder Update! $11,795 raised 4 #ISF so far! Well done! Pls RT 2 help raise more donations 😊 Thank you 💋😘
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"@iansomerhalder: Sound familiar? Thoughts? I'm open...!" Yes, I posted that a few months back =] #coalsucks
We can WIN #YEARSproject an @emmy with YOUR power and get @YEARSofLIVING Dangerously a Season 2!! Please #VoteForYears and RT! THANK YOU!!!
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#nowplaying #edm @LanaDelRey "Young & Beautiful" @kaskade remiiiix! Definitely a top favorite. 🎶🎤
"@emeraldmusic7: May I never get brainwashed to believe in bleakosity" Good one! LOL
CHECK THESE OUT!THE MOST COMFORTABLE HOODIE ON THE PLANET! Hanging in the grass with my baby girl.…
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"@HuffingtonPost Number of people aboard flight #MH17 that crashed in Ukraine rises to 298" My deepest condolences👼☁
All those tweets 2 @iansomerhalder... yes, yes, I know, cant help it..Luv the guy! If ya don't like it, you can unfollow me..! That is all:)
"@iansomerhalder: Being a Dad... Morning vet visit w/ moke before heading to my 1st Day of work for SEASON 6..." <333
#Aries are very much unpredictable like fire: warm one minute, then burning you the next.
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"@vivianakacreoen: so i want to go to a dodgerz game never been can someone find me a dodger tshrt" ughh, baseball.. really?! lol
Let’s remix this list! Solar accounted for 100% of new generation in six states and DC in 2013 #ClimateFact @SEIA
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"@iansomerhalder: HA! Loving this ;) It is DEFINITELY #Time4theTalk - PLS check this out!… #ISF" Haha!!
"@iansomerhalder: YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY nominated for 2 Emmys in 2014. Two words: Bad…" YAY!!!! Congrats! Xx
A tad late, but! Congrats Argentina on winning against Holland.. what a game! #Felicitaciones #ARG
#NP @Krewella Live for the Night.. @DashBerlin (remix) 🎤🎶
URGENT: Abusive handler has denied these cats sufficient space, & even DECLAWED them. SIGN:
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