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“Your heart is the big box of paints, and others, the canvas we’re dealt.” - XTC ...Share JOY & Spread LOVE. x0! 💞✨
@ConservationOrg: Nature doesn't need people. People need nature. RT this message & @HP will donate $1 to @ConservationOrg (up to $1M)!”Go!
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"@BabyAnimalPics: This is my favorite Gif ever 😻�" aww, 2Cute!... 😍😘
"@kaskade: Guatemala. Beautiful country. Beautiful people. 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for having me, see you next time!" 🎶🎉👍
#NatureIsSpeaking🍃🍁 R@ConservationOrgrg Help raise a million dollars for nature—every time you use
Well, it's not that kinda love, It's an arrow through my heart. You're the one I am dreaming of... #TheFeeling #ATCP
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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations... ♡ #perseverance #QOTD
I could be your curse or your angel, it's all in how you love me
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"@emeraldmusic7: @MBeeHny awww she's adorable! Wish her a quick recovery! 💕" Thx sweets.
My baby girl recovering very well from her spay last Thursday.. =] 💖
Once again! 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL #TVD !!!!!!!!!!! SEASON 6- this is all your fault:) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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Taking care of my lil' Daisy after her spay surgery. 💖#SpayAndNeuterYourPetss
"@iansomerhalder: The last post I made, w my little girl- holy crap I love my little kids.…"hey, that's my kitty! lol
"A change of feeling is a change of destiny." — Neville Goddard 💞✨💫
Thought it was the Ting Tings' #ThatsNotMyName when @taylorswift13's #ShakeItOff started playing on the radio. Girl.. #beoriginal
IRVINE-SO FINE MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND! STELLAR way to start the final weekend of the #RaiseEmUpTour! Thank you all. -KU
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.@Joan_Rivers Gonna miss your wicked & wild sense of humor. #RIP 👼
"@JolieJulie3: Should have watched @InsideBates sooner, love it!! Almost done watching first season in.. 2 days :/ I know!"The friggin best!
For everything you've lost, you've gained something else. Without the dark, you would never see the stars.
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Girl who plays Rosalie on Twilight saga.. #worstactress. BEST... @AshleyMGreene.
#nowplaying @NicoandVinz 'Am I Wrong'.... #obsessed! - great tune guys. 🎶🎵
"@AHSFX: Step right up, the show is about to begin … The Freak Show premieres October 8. #AmericanHorrorStory…"#YES!
Been slacking on tweets since work is keeping me busier these days... Ughhh. #TGIS !!
Help save the wolves and boycott this ridiculous TV show:…
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Sweet...... Sweeet..... Dreams. x0 🌙✨💫
This man was incredible-thank you for the amazing moments you made us all feel sir. You will be missed…
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Such a comedic genius & incredible human being. You will be missed... #RIPRobinWilliams -- Make 'em laugh in heaven. 💖👼
From all of us on Twitter, you will be missed, and we'll never forget your best tweet ever. #RIPRobinWilliams
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#RIPRobinWilliams No one has ever made us laugh harder. We are grateful to have gotten to witness your genius and talent our whole lives.
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#Aries females love surprises. It's a great way to make them fall in love with you.
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My milkweed brings monarchs to the yard, & they're like... it's better than yours.
For the love of monarchs: plant some milkweed! Learn how to help the butterflies through gardening choices.
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RING, RING, HIT that UP..... Show that Universal LOVE 🎶💞💕
Welcome to August. #makeitcount!! 🐝🐯⛅
"@KeithUrban: I'd give it two thumbs WAY up - if my other wasn't taking the photo !!!" I live for suspense thrillers!
"@WOWFactsOfLife: One study found that brunettes make better friends and wives."......😘💕
"@World_Wildlife: ICYMI: Happy #GlobalTigerDay! RT if you love tigers!" Yesss, my spirit animal... Roooarrr🐯