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Meital Dohan
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Lesson of the Day: Hands off other peoples' herb! O:-) #lessonoftheday
What does the tiger say to his friends before they go hunting? "Let us prey." #CharlieQuotes #FF #FactFriday #FunnyFriday
Sometimes this world makes us all a little crazy! #TT #ThrowbackThursday
You know, I never really was good at math. But I'm pretty sure if we add you and me together, we'd get 69. #WhatNotToSay #Wednesday
It's tasty Tuesday! Mmmmmm, YUMMY!
Trashcan Tuesday! Can anyone guess where this "functional art" trashcan made of recycled street signs lives?
Now that's a strong, independent dog who don't need no man! #dogsofinstagram #dogsoftwitter
Have I ever seen Tom Cruise cleaning his windows? FIND OUT HERE:
I'm not so sure Charlie would play as nicely...
Namaste shraks! Happy Sunday! ;)
Had fun playing with The Craig and Robbie Hour! Check them out here:
When I feel it in my heart, I wanna spread it! <3
Hm.... or maybe I should be a farmer??
"Clever, googly eyed, girl." Can u name the movie, shraks???
What do u think? I was thinking, I should become a construction worker. I know how to wear a hard hat! ;)
Want to go back to my place and listen to this band before they sell out? #HipsterPickUpLines
Look yummys! We are trendsetters. #DUH Get your own YUMMY:
Is it safe to eat an entire container of Altoids? I'm asking for a friend...
I'm a bright ray of light this morning...! Hope you all have a shraktastic day!
Thanks for the love @MuchMusic! We <3 the Reid Stefan remix video, too!
Throwback Thursday to this little guy - the first pig to ever fly! OINK OINK mister!
GOOD MORNING SHRAKS! Busy day today... where's the coffee?!?!