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Meital Dohan
I'm not ready to come down from this weekend! #goodtimes
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It's a nice night for a swim... Want to join?!
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One of my favorites...#TBT #oldschoolcool
To be or not to be. That is the question. Do you have an answer?!
One month until #Halloween!! What should Charlie dress up as?
@meitaldohan to be Frank, it means to believe in you. Love you hun
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Start your week with LOVE, Shraks!
I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum. ;)
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#SundayFunday! DOUBLE TAP is you're sipping a cocktail.
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FILL IN THE BLANK: When I see @meitaldohan, I feel _____.
It's #HumpDay. SHOW ME YOUR PICS! I'll retweet my favorites.
In case you missed it, check out @meitaldohan's interview with @afterbuzztv!
Sometimes u need to tear a soul in order to save one
@Playboy and I have been getting into trouble again... O:) Pick up this month's issue to read the full article! Xoxo
Stay yummy & give back love to everyone that loves you, or just anyone yummy enough to deserve your love! <3
I dont have a cure for life it's a terminal disease
Thoughts though invisible can be sent flying through the air
I can cut a sandwich with my mind 😏🍞
I'm finally becoming immortal that's what meditation does Hu ! Come and get me
In my dream I was green and sounded like ribbit
Can u prove me I'm not a frog ribbit
A little piece of art called, "Duck please don't kill me." 😜😜
My reality looks like a #dream sometimes! #friday
Happy Tuesday, shraks! Hope everyone has a sexxxy week! Xoxo!
Happy Tuesday, shraks! Hope everyone has a sexxxy week! Xoxo!
The sun is red and so are my lips :-* :-*
The sun is red and so are my lips :-* :-*
@meitaldohan anti bullying here #NOH8 is against bullying, can we please have your support? Rt and follow? Thankyou #speaknoevil #muchlove
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"I've been told I have a great ass.. I have to stop and think, 'is this my favorite attribute' or just the favorite attribute of the guys who are staring at my ass?"