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Megyn Kelly
Rep. @Jim_Jordan joins me now on latest in #Benghazi case. Tune in to #KellyFile.
.@AndrewCMcCarthy on claims that #ISIS is not Islamic: “This is exactly what happens. They dare you to call them on things.” #KellyFile
Up next: We’re following the latest developments on the New York man accused in terrorist plot. Tune in to #KellyFile.
#KellyFile Exclusive: @jasoninthehouse joins me on stunning reports of four suspected terrorists attempting to cross U.S. border Sept. 10.
.@cstirewalt on #Obama #ISIS plan: “He has made a lot of lavish promises. He does not have a good track record of delivering.” #KellyFile
.@OliverNorthFNC: “I’m waiting for the general or admiral who will stand up… and say ‘this is mission impossible.’” #Obama #Iraq #KellyFile
.@OliverNorthFNC on Middle Eastern nations in #ISIS fight: “Arab airpower is an oxymoron. They can’t do it.” #KellyFile
.@OliverNorthFNC on #Obama #ISIS strategy: “What you have is ‘Operation Enduring Confusion.’” #KellyFile
Did you know @megynkelly's husband Doug Brunt is a best-selling author?! Check out “The Means”
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@luqman255: @Harris_Zafar wonderful segment. Thx to @megynkelly as well. Ayaan has the right to express her feelings, & we to answer.” Yes!
Kirkus on The Means: "a well-researched portrait of the incestuous relationships (in D.C.)...that makes the book 'Game Change' look sedate."
Make that Kirkus! Not Kirkuk!
Kirkuk on The Means: "a well researched portrait of the incestuous relationships in (D.C.)...that makes the book 'Game Change' look sedate."
Praise for @DougBrunt's new book, out today: “a must read for even the casual political observer.” —James Carville
On @DougBrunt's book: “Brunt’s rousing and relentless pace keeps readers turning the pages through to a startling climax.” -Library Journal
Do you have your copy of ‘The Means’ yet? Author @DougBrunt is on #KellyFile now!
Stay tuned to #KellyFile: @DougBrunt joins me next!
.@BuckSexton joins me now on New York man accused of terror plot. Tune in to #KellyFile
Muslim student association tried to get Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s #Yale speech canceled. Why? Tune in to #KellyFile
What’s so shocking about @DougBrunt’s new book ‘The Means’? Tune in to #KellyFile to find out!
.@ProfessorHannah on #Obama and military advisers: “He doesn’t take their recommendations – that doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen to them.”
.@marcthiessen on #Obama #ISIS strategy: “It’s not likely to play out well because he’s not listening to his military advisers.” #KellyFile
.@marcthiessen: “President Obama does not learn from his mistakes. He does not change course.” #KellyFile
Are the White House and Pentagon on the same page about action against #ISIS? @ProfessorHannah and @marcthiessen debate on #KellyFile next
.@brithume on #Obama #ISIS strategy: “The contradictions between what he said before and what he’s saying now are pretty glaring” #KellyFile
.@brithume joins me now on President #Obama’s low poll numbers in wake of confusion on #ISIS strategy. Tune in to #KellyFile
#thefive Avid reader Bob Beckel gives SHOUT OUT to @DougBrunt for his awesome bestselling new book.
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Today is the big day! @DougBrunt’s book is out, and he’s on #KellyFile tonight. Get your copy and tune in at 9p ET.
'I Knew That God Would Help Me’: Sudanese Mom Jailed for Christian Faith Speaks Out… @megynkelly #KellyFile
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Mariam Ibraheem: “I still need support – I need prayers.” Visit Mariam’s website: #KellyFile
I was never a Muslim. I have always been a #Christian,” said Mariam Ibraheem on #KellyFile. Tune in
Mariam Ibraheem on her captivity: “I put my life at risk for the women of #Sudan.” #KellyFile
Mariam Ibraheem: “I knew that God would help me, that God knew I was a victim of injustice.” #KellyFile
EXCLUSIVE: Mariam Ibraheem’s story is on #KellyFile now. Tune in to #foxnews
.@DrZuhdiJasser joins me on Ayaan Hirsi Ali speech now. #KellyFile
ON NOW: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s speech at #Yale was protested by Muslim student organization, but she went on anyway. Tune in to #KellyFile
Why isn’t #BrendanTevlin case being treated as terrorism by DOJ? @Judgenap weighs in on #KellyFile now
Tune in to #KellyFile now – @Judgenap joins me on the alleged anti-#American #BrendanTevlin murder
Coming up on #KellyFile: For the first time anywhere, Sudanese Christian mom Mariam Ibraheem tells her story. Tune in now
.@SethGJones on U.S. #ISIS strikes: “I don’t see a strategy yet.” #KellyFile
.@cstirewalt and @SethGJones join me now on tough new talk from the #Obama administration on #ISIS airstrikes in Middle East. #KellyFile
What a sweet family. #KellyFile behind-the-scenes with Mariam Ibraheem, her husband and son. Tune in at 9p ET
This is one brave woman. Tune in to #KellyFile for my exclusive interview with Mariam Ibraheem at 9p ET