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10 sleeps...1 hour... and 12 minutes until Christmas
homework is so dumb. like I'm at school all day... I don't need to bring it home with me
@matthewcross9: @megoelfke your name is so clever!” I know I was so impressed when I came up w it... or maybe @roxannelane_ did
I don't think I could get through this week if it wasn't short
really want/need a new phone but I don't have an upgrade this year😭😭😭
sisters who work together are always successful @ Willie Jim's Pie Co.
@J3ssicaBrooks: Victoria's Secret bags under the tree make me happy:-)”
so ready for Christmas❤️
lalalove family movie nights
I wish Kate would change her profile picture where I look like a shriveled up grandma iguana
I wish I had a sport that I was good at and loved
when I find out who is messing with my house you are going to regret it. like really how old are we?
if I could be one person it would be Carrie Underwood😍
happy birthday Jess!! I love you so much😚❤️
I'm so ready for Christmas break ❤️
love coming home to sweet surprises❤️
keep in mind what's really going to matter when everything comes to an end
Things are so different from how they were this time last year and it makes me so sad
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so excited to be on stage with my other angels this year💗 VS fashion show here I come
I want to go to six flags for holiday in the park
there isn't much that I like more than the first sip of a really carbonated drink
or just how to do school in general
can someone teach me how to study?
sorry I'm stupid
I want to be an exchange student so bad
Starbucks line is ridiculous
hate when I'm trying to show my mom something on Instagram and she double taps to zoom but ends up liking it
well my phone fell in the oven and caught on fire so there's that
nothing is better than a cozy fireplace and Christmas music ❤️
Wear your ugly sweater, visit any Texas Chipotle on 12/13 from 5-8pm, and get a BOGO. -Joe
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so exhausted
being home alone in a big house is the worst thing ever
nothing I do is right
@megoelfke good seeing you too! Love you so much! 💗💗
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loved seeing @claireeolmstead tonight!!! love u so much!!
I just wish I was tan year round
I think it's colder in my house than it is outside
so apparently the numbers on the toaster are minutes? ive thought for years it was degree of toasty-ness
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@HaleyOsina: I hope you hate yourself as much as I do.”
you would think that Apple would be able to make a charger that doesn't break so easily
THANK YOU abc family for playing Elf❄️❤️
I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I've been hurt but I'm alive. I'm human, I'm not perfect but I'm thankful.
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