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Megan Leigh
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Esprit de Cookie"…
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "The Common Enemy (revised)"…
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "The Common Enemy"…
So clever, sometime I don't even think you understand why you're saying. #illustration #doodle
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" #ladyliberty
She's just so rachett 😝
Finallyyy got a license again ☺🚘
We bring sex to hookah ;) ewelinka91
I will never be able to justify spending more on shorts than pants. #no
This little cutie making me a friendship bracelet at the center ☺ rainbow looms are the newest silly…
Not broken, just a stress reaction! So happy I'm gonna be on the roads sooner than expected 👟👟
It's all about dat b00t lyf3 doe ✌
I hate waiting on people #selfie
Something about working with kids all day always makes me feel sticky
I will stay on Tumblr until I literally give myself a migraine 😞#artschoolprobss
Annnd I'm just gonna sit here and binge on episodes of 90210 #crippledlife
The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. #aristotle
I cannot put into words how amazing my dad is. I could not ask for a better father 💜#happyfathersdayy
My brain in overflowing with ideas right now 😱#inspiredd#inspirationanxietyy
Sometimes, it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference
My artsy fartsy blog. Will be updating with my latest projects (:
My very own desk, now I'm legitimate 😉 Assistant/Art
"I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark #blur, I see a big #light blur."
Hanging out with this pretty ladyyy for the first time in ages! 😱👵👴 ewelinka#babeabe lindsayheart
Trash television is my guilty pleasure; 90210 has me hooked 😱#truelifee#netflixruinslivess
Uh-oh. I may be flagged by the NSA for saying this, but Edward Snowden is truly an American hero.
Baby love, oh baby love 💙�P4
What we think we become ✊ #positivity
Artsy-ness happenings at the O'Boyle's abode with these fools 😜🎨 ijamescarroll
I hope to be just famous enough to one day have two people I’ve never met debate whether I’m alive or dead.
Welcome to "sunny" South Florida 😒r
Sincere, heartfelt apologies 🌟#thereshopee
I have the most amazing mom ❤ #appreciate
Nothing but positive thoughts, what we think is what we become ✊
Know your limitations, and then - defy them #wordsofwisdom #motivation

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