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My account all virusy follow my new one! 🐼🐼🐼🐼 @mxgaan
I can't go outside until next June
Top Five Rappers: 1. Eminem, 2. Slim Shady, 3. Marshall Mathers, 4. B Rabbit, 5. The white guy from D-12.
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Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette, finger on the trigger to my dear Juliet
This is the slowest year ever 😩
The hardcore way to eat ramen noodles: 1 Boil water 2 Eat block of ramen 3 Drink boiled water 4 Snort flavored powder 5 Fuck Bitches.
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Being called a cunt was the highlight of my night πŸ‘Œ
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5 people asking if they can have the deer I hit, like no, it's in pieces and gross
Why is there no pot leaf emoji
School attendance would go up by like 300% if we had swirly chairs, or bean bags instead of ugly blue chairs harder than a pornstars dick.
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My dad just filled up my gas tank and goes "I'm just tryin to help a nigga out"
*dumps girlfriend via nintendo ds pictochat*
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Still waiting for the "once you go black, you never go back" episode of myth busters.
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im not high mom im just happy happy i blazed that dank ass weed
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If you've ever not given money to the homeless because you assume they're going to buy drugs,is what you were gonna spend it on much better?
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Do I regret it? Yes. Will I do it again? Probably.
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I've been trying to type this text messages fir 46 minutes and 22.3 seconds hahaha
Who closes a bank on a Sunday
Sunset pictures everywhere