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Not even excited for my birthday
It's the smallest things which make the biggest impact on me
Not looking forward to getting up in the morning no
Puppy for my birthday please?☺️
iMessage is now better than any other messaging app, well done Apple
Love the word silly
College from 9 till 5 then work from 5 till half 8, that's almost a 12 hour day non stop😔 want to crawl into bed rn
Don't know what to do
Need my tan back again😩
Pre made in Chelsea nyc hype
Boored of the same conversations
I love steve's family so much ☺️
The chainsmokers -Kanye
Birthday in two months ☺️
Day off tomorrow ☺️
Bored but too tired to do anything
It was Lilly's first day at school today
Tea is my fave thing ☕️
I have a massive spot on my neck and it's really irritating me
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In a right confrontational mood atm
Miss how we used to be
Need something new
New college tomorrow, too excited to sleep rn
I used to love Mondays
I want something proper now😔
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Not bothering with you anymore
I really miss you and you don’t miss me and that sucks a lot like holy shit I feel so lonely
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Incase you didn't notice my tolerance levels are less than 2% atm
Absolutely love being ignored
Pisses me off when peoples profile picture looks nothing like them
Out of my life for good
I know you're doing a shit in there Fraser 😂
That was your last chance
so glad I'll have my friends with me tonight
You're too late because you didn't fight for me
Need my bloody friends rn
You're too late now
My life will be so much better without you in it
Sometimes it's just too late
Day off work woo
When I'm not replying to you for a reason, texting my friends is the worst thing you can do