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Wish guys would see what they're loosing before they've lost it
Regret falling asleep so early now
Such a good day ☺️
If you care for me you would have fought for me
Hopefully things start looking up for me, don't think it can get any worse
Need all the luck I can get for tomorrow 🙏
Sick of waiting for something that's never going to happen
sometimes you just gotta accept the fact that some things will never be the way they used to be.
Retweeted by megs☕️
Why am I getting chest pain again 😩
Got nothing to do😒
You never keep your bloody promises
I wanted your support is that too much to ask
Will I ever be put first?
Another headache 😔
I miss you 😔
So excited for Christmas
Will never be able to forgive you for that
Last night is starting to hit me now
Back hurts so much😣
Someone call me and meet up today??
If you want me in your life, this is the last chance to save what we have
Still awake ahhhhhh
I thought I was getting better 😓
Love being ignored yeppppp
Excuses excuses
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way you're happier without me
Think of all the places we could be
Hate it when people don't call back
Wish you'd take more notice of me
Something feels different
I hate texting because people take so long to reply
Someone ring me
You never even fought for me
Another migraine coming on ahhhhhh
Never thought this would be what I wanted in the end
Finally have something to look forward to
Wish I'd be put first for once
This girls eyebrows on the bus are the worst I've ever seen
So nice having you here for me ☺️
Finally deleted the pictures
Spent all day in bed now I'm never gunna sleep tonight
Feel so much happier without you putting me down 24/7
You've let me down and lied to me too many times
Wish stress didn't cause me migraines 😖
Can't believe I haven't moved all day
I never thought you would change