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NEW VIDEO!!! I do a duet w ith my bae @RickyPDillon! dear future husband…
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Pop, lock and dropping all my responsibilities
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the ugliness you hide under a peace sign
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Dairy Queen is a good way to forget about your severely burned hand
Wow look at how fast you've lost my trust.
Tims restaurant owners will donate 100% of the proceeds from every coffee sold to the @THCF1974 today. Get your coffee now! #CampDay
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Can you believe this one is a legal adult now??? @zurnip
Who wants to go to wonderland with me sometime in the near future?????
"Will you go to prom with my shoes?"
i did a thing *eyes emoji*
someone bring me a sketchbook stat
Who wants this poster signed by the entire #BBCAN3 cast? RETWEET and FAVE for your chance to win! CAN only.
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Why wouldn't mother gothel tell Rupunzel her birthday is a different day ??
((((I'm watching tangled)))))))
Flower gleam and glow Let your power shine 🌻☀️
I need too loose 800 pounds by tomorrow morning
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Josh when he told the deliveryman to have a nice day and he reply "don't tell me what to do"
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slamming my head through 6 layers of concrete
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the girl who can't say cotton swabs on zoey 101
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My eye won't stop shaking omg????
only one person has pointed out my fluffy cow header and honestly im so disappointed in you all
will the dogs ever stop barking? stay tuned to find out
We're using #EndangeredEmoji to save real animals from extinction. Please retweet to sign up and help.
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In highschool, I met some of the best people in my life. I also met some of the worst lying creatures I've ever had the disgrace to meet.
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the cotton swab girl from Zoey 101
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My favourite thing to do is harass my family in my @MirandaSings voice ✌️💋
. @snapchatsupport all my contacts were deleted.... Why??? 😭
We have no electricity until tomorrow.... It's not the end of the world.... Chill....
that person doing the cha cha slide that accidentally slides to the right instead of to the left
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I know you're serenading everyone right now.. We love you Cory! Happy Birthday..❤️
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Don't underestimate the benefit of awe. Take time to be amazed by things. By anything. By everything.
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Sideshow Bob just got a fabulously flowery new hairdo in France thanks to @Oakoak_art @BradBirdA113 #TheSimpsons
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my mom got foot long twizzlers omg
*harasses friends with texts about late 90's/ early 00's show trivia*
In talks with @zaynmalik about a possible collaboration
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I love this weather t b h
I think beans from even stevens came to timmies today
*answers house phone* "hello tim ho---.... Um hi"
ive gotten 2/8 of my final marks so far *eyes emoji*
*wants to travel the world but has like 3 dollars*
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I love being on summer break in April it's amazing
suddenly thinking that every fluff is another spider
finding a spider on your pillow is the worst because you wonder how long it was there, if it had a friend...
Dear beard We had a good run, but this is where I leave you. Thank you for braving the Boston winter with me. I miss you already #Cap3Begins
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I think im going to go back fully blonde tomorrow
3/6 pages done and nothing left to write

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