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Have you ever just looked at someone while they're doing something small like driving or laughing and just smile bc u like them so much.
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#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair ALWAYS checking the weather before you straighten your hair
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Couple of blem guys came into food basic& put watermelons under their shirts and started laughing at each other asking if its a girl or boy😂
My rents made me wait outside for 5minutes so they can finish their episode of breaking bad bc they didnt want to hit pause to open the door
Never let daniel become hungry bc he becomes #1 most annoying person ever
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After the amount of blood test I've had to do this month you'd think I'd be use to them by now but nope.. 😭😭🔫🔫
"wait around for someone who'll do anything to be your everything"
What the fuck happened to the sky...
"How was your day" "No." 😂�@_sainaxoxo
Its scary thinking how fast things can change
that's an automatic divorce 😂😂3fz
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Tb to when the weather was actually nice yesterday and half of us got burnt ☀️👙 + @panizradmard
#GrowingUpPersian & I still dont know wether to kiss twice or three times on the cheek when greeting relatives. It can get pretty awkward
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A year sounds like a long time but it feels like it was just last week i was sitting at hajis and I'd have haji tease me about how if i wanted you I'd have to learn how to cook first😂 but i never learned how to do that and still got you to love me😇 This past year has been amazing, and I couldn't h
Boyfriends deserve to be spoiled too 👏🙇👑
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Qualities and flaws of each sign mine is actually spot 😳�Rs
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I actually have the best boyfriend ever 🙈
Ask Siri "what does the fox say" I just died 😂
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nothing makes me happier than new friendships & surroundings where everyone is happy and strangers are dancing with each other.
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Normal people sprain their ankle or wrist.. I somehow managed to sprain my neck ?¿
Ripley's Aquarium is currently being overrun by teens in neon who wont stop licking the glass. #digitaldreams
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When you get your wisdom teeth out but still gotta hit the whip
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Conversations with coworkers... 😂�7q
do u ever just think about the first time u met someone and compare it to where u guys are now and its like damn who knew this would happen?
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RT if you’d wife Selena Gomez 💍8
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ok who else thought she was gonna do clown makeup
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"I woke up, and I was sleeping in cancer" @kamal96_m
Who needs drugs when you have this water slide |
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I hate it when people say "lol" in person

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