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@WorldStarsVines: "It's too heavy blud" 😭😭�”😭😂😂😂
'Twas an interesting night🎡
I can barley wake up at 10 how the fuck am i suppose to wake up at 6 starting next week😴
So after todays talk with my mom i realized she knows a lot more about me than i thought 😂
Just took in how this is my last week of summer...................
@zandi_68: Fuck that was such a great night.”👌
From yesterday till now we've paid over $105 for taxi... @negintalebii @tarlaaan @vanessaanorouzi
Got nominated twice for the ice challenge within 10 minutes
The nail person gave @tarlaaan a time out for being sassy😂😂
When someone with naturally straight hair complain about it I kinda feel the urge to smack them👋✋
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I wish I had speakers built inside my shower
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Girls in Iran who are the same age as me always look 10 years older than me, all with the same eyebrows and nose jobs😳
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Yeah I'm not perfect, but fuck, who is?
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Vaghean pool o servat na shoor miare na shakhsiat harchi dehati bisavad e pool dare miad toronto😔
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i know your motives and you know mine...
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“do you ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes”
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Jaming out to persian songs with @negintalebii and @tina_saraxo and the car next to us glares at us with his mouth open😂😂
Why is RAMSS so confusing..
Happy Birthday to my little princess👸
I feel like I'm taking my G2 test all over again driving in front of my dads car
have u ever known someone so shitty that they completely ruin that first name for you?
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this is me and my entire life in 6 seconds 😂
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I wonder if there are Persians in the world that are actually on time everywhere they go
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Conversations only get interesting after midnight
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Bazia kolan harf nazanan kheili attractive taran
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Laughing at your own texts before you send them because you’re so damn funny.
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I hate working when the weathers nice. 😭
It takes time to realize who actually cares and who is just curious
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A massage would be very nice right now
I hate how negin works everyday now... Shes rather at work or shes sleeping😡😤
Very productive day today✔️
Can this weather not do this while im trying to watch pretty little liars... 😭🔫
Finally got to tan today🙌
Tarlan tried to bus at 7am and ended up in new market 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭
Does walking to the gym count as cardio
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Some random drunk man (in his 40's) just gave me 25 dollars #schooobies
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