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@meelikaaa Akhey fadatsham its ur birthday jigaram😘🎈Happy 18th Birthday eshghe ghashangam,love u with all my
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Chuck Bass isnt even hot but he is somehow sexy as fuck
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Birthday suprise ft. Big Bertha at the Zandi residence 💨�
Applying makeup high=biggest and hardest mission in life 😖
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I leave my parents to pick out my rental car for me and they come back with a mini van 😒
I think I'm allergic to studying..😷
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my dad referees Daniel as "oon pesareh"😂😂
waking up is just going to get worse once winter comes.
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and he just feel off his chair 😂😂😂😂
my TA literally always looks like he just got out of bed
“@acechiko23: Can someone put this retard out of her misery. @meelikaaa”sos pls help
Meth and math are similar in the way they're spelled and in the way they both ruin lives
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Guys who have a job and work for money > guys who just spend daddy's money and don't know the value of it for shit
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"are you spanish?" "no persian" "afganistan?" some people are retarded-_-
I love how Negin and I don't chill that often but when do we explain our entire lives in 5 minutes 😂😂
A true friend is someone who buys you iced coffee even when you say you dont want any cuz they know you are gonna drink theirs anyways
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“@Alii_Rahiimii: Best friends have conversations that are impossible to understand by other people.”
Calc tutorial before my calc exam is making me stress much more because everyones just shouting formulas they memorized&im here like wtf...
when bae says something cute to you and you can't stop re reading it😍😍☺️
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Only a month in to school & I already feel like this
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Say "Eye". Spell "Map". Then say "Ness".
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Respects to the guys who value themselves enough not to hook up with an easy hoe who's been on everybody
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“@bardiaJav: @meelikaaa @tarlaaan ahahaha mel you snapped”😂😂😂😅
"@_sainaxo: @meelikaaa @tarlaaan melika wins this picture still kills me" 😂😂😂😂
Me: I need to get a goose or a moose @tarlaaan : don't be loos when you wear your goose or moose because then you won't get a boos😂😂
"@tarlaaan: “@Drrake: how me and my friends are towards each other” @meelikaaa"😂😂😂
Shout out to the people who have already asked the exact questions from my homework on yahoo answers
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my dad is trying to teach tarlan chemistry 😂😂😂😂
Handed in my test blank and only wrote i need help and i got 10/10 😂😂😂
"@tarlaaan: With best friends it goes from "I have a problem" to "we have a problem" real quick😂👭"😂😂😂
I despise people who walk into food basic at this time... 😤
Waking up and realizing i can go back to sleep because my 8 am class is cancelled for today 🎉😴
“@aaqibazeem: If you could remove a person in your life and it wouldn't affect you, they aren't that important”
"Brb taking my dog and my fridge out for a walk" @tarlaaan
The issue about parking my car at finch while half awake is that when i get back i never remember where i put it
Centre Island☀️
Tarlan got hit on by a female barista at Starbucks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
My math prof is an idiot 😒
A summer well spent with this one🙊