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medallion woman™
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They will all wish you success, What They don't want, is for you to Be more successful than them.
Be patient: 2015 i'll be publishing My Book ( Medallion Woman.
I don't drink in the week, and I certainly don't drink on my own."right Now ... I could do with a bottle! (Marg #dementia
Begging for business is not attractive nor professional female tailors in Savile row. "My preference ... Male Tailor."
We all build success from our realised opportunities. "Recognising potential" ( however, small shots always seem to miss it.
You're going to lose people in your life and realize no matter how much time you spent with them, it will never seem like it was enough.
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My friend Marg, 72 has been in hospital since Monday, no water infection No stroke, but showing signs of #dementia. "I miss her!
"For those who are easily offended "positive criticism, use it in a constructive manner ( learn from it)"... nicely said, @MedallionWoman!
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Never betray someone, you may desperately need one day.
"They will all wish you success, what they don't want, is for you to be more successful than them." - @MedallionWoman
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Piss'd off a few Heartless characters this evening, jealousy over wealth. "hey I'm the one smiling😃#nastywomenn
Sorry, I'm not that way inclined, my preference ... MAN ...
If you want a follow back, ask me (requirements) good bio intelligence and keep your clothes on.
For those who work Nine2five, we are not the same.
You appreciate little things in life when you take on larger projects.
wonderful birthday celebration last night at @EncoreRichmond marg she's 72 I sent her home in a limo Her 1st time.
I'm amazed how easy it is for a broken heart to heal, back to Reality.
The mask of Zorro tonight.
A Well developed business acumen combination of experiences all wrapped up in one. ( gift ...
Life is about compromise Not a one-way ticket.
Follow my friend @MedallionWoman for a little inspiration on you TL!
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For those who are easily offended "positive criticism, use it in a constructive manner ( learn from it.
You know when you meet someone with a good heart, "seeing through people, ability achieved by experience.
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams
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My favorite sport keeps me on track, tonight's the night. #fencing
#FF The best Cocktail Bar in Richmond Surrey, it's my local in area. Give them a #Follow @EncoreRichmond
They will all wish you success, what they don't want, is for you to be more successful than them.
Australian businessman divides locals after buying hundreds of properties in the #NY region
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Just been told I'm a cross between Johnny Depp and Liam Gallagher. WOW ... Disappointed !
Follow @EncoreRichmond cocktail bar, in Richmond Surrey, One of the most sophisticated bars in the area. Check it out. (It's my local.
Throughout Dec we'll be open early to catch shoppers after a busy in Richmond. Why not pop in for a glass of champs!
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Never underestimate you're opponent, She's far more dangerous than you.
Don't let anyone hold you back from achieving your goals. You are number one (remember that!
Bad at saving money) If it's you're 1st investment property act like you don't have it. Save, invest, work towards the next Property.
Bar-Restaurant or investment property? watching someone make the wrong decision. I'm sure it has something to do with a midlife crisis.
There's always a woman behind a successful son. #mother
A man who refuses to accept the word "NO" is no different from a rapist !
Always go by The moral code.
Some men just don't get the hint, maybe they deserve the bullet ? Home and safe. God always smiles on me .
@MedallionWoman Just imagine that! Interesting if one was being knighted, arise Sir Kevin of Fucking, hmm, maybe not, dream sequence ends...
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I feel I may break a few hearts this week, it's Bad timing, too busy for you, Take the hint!
You never know what's behind a smile.