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I was hoping for miss Arkansas to win #MissAmerica #congratsNY
If I hear problem play on the radio one more time I'm going to shoot myself #wayyytooverplayed #itsannoyingnow
A has the figure of Taylor swift and you mean to tell me you couldn't fight her off, #RIPMona
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No no no no no no no no wtf no! This is bullshit why her?! I'm so pissed off!!#RIPMona #PLL #bullshit
Rest in paradise@robinwilliams
Follow me on instagram @meatballzzzz just like here I [un]follow everyone back #whatyouwaitingfor #gofollow
It's tough when your finally forced to face yourself
We need to work on changing this whole you can't have pink hair in the workplace rule cuz I ain't havin it #seriouslytho #letsmakeamovement
I hate that I can't hate you
My DIY bathing suit coverup I just got done making front and back #justmade #diy
Caleb and Hanna BELONG together #getbacktogether #pll
I'm loving Hanna's post Ali style #toocute #pll
Just layin here thinking this is the first time in my entire life I haven't been obsessed with wanting a boyfriend and not havin a crush
Sometimes the seemingly happiest people are the saddest
Omg this shit is getting so fucking old
Ok I was losing interest in pll cuz it was totally changing but now it's back to how it was so glad #AisBack #PLL100 #greatending
Finally!!!! Their back together!!!!! #EzriaForever #PLL100
I knew it!! I knew that new girl was team a!!!#PLL100
Caleb with the short haircut so hot #PLL100
Got my genetics test back today turns out I'm Hispanic #hellyes #alwaysknewit
Apple be so needy with it's updates; need more storage space, need to be connected to power source what else you need a sandwich
I just want me a fine Latino man #whysohardtofind
Why does everyone assume I speak Dutch? #english #alilspanish #thatsit
My skills include stress eating and appearing completely confident when I have no idea what I'm doing
Who the fuck is Daquan? Can someone explain this meme to me?! #didimisssomething
Where could I put a town full of robots and no one would ever notice? Connecticut #lmao #stepfordwives
Guys when a girl says single && NOT looking that is NOT us giving you a challenge #frealtho
Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant
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we gonna act like that girl behind TI don't look like Him from the powerpuff girls
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how i act towards you is a reflection of how you act towards me.
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I think it's cute how someone tryna pose as me bitch no one can be me better than me #jumpoff
Wide awake right now and I really shouldn't be #storyofmylife #insomniasucks
Anyone familiar with snapchat can tell me if under a snapchat u got it says Saturday does it mean it was sent to me Saturday like 2 days ago
Finding happiness in sadness is a beautiful thing
I can't take anymore pain
Rip my baby god has gained a beautiful angel today
If we’re dating you can have your freedom, youre not my prisoner.. just stay loyal & be honest... That's all I ask.
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There's always that one person in every horror movie that you always wanna cheer the killer on to murder their ass lol
Today is one of them days I don't wanna talk to no one
I really wish I could have met leslie Nielsen best actor ever
I'm so gunna be a madea when I become a mother lol
Th movie haunted house was terrible