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Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant
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we gonna act like that girl behind TI don't look like Him from the powerpuff girls
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how i act towards you is a reflection of how you act towards me.
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I think it's cute how someone tryna pose as me bitch no one can be me better than me #jumpoff
Wide awake right now and I really shouldn't be #storyofmylife #insomniasucks
Anyone familiar with snapchat can tell me if under a snapchat u got it says Saturday does it mean it was sent to me Saturday like 2 days ago
Finding happiness in sadness is a beautiful thing
I can't take anymore pain
Rip my baby god has gained a beautiful angel today
If we’re dating you can have your freedom, youre not my prisoner.. just stay loyal & be honest... That's all I ask.
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There's always that one person in every horror movie that you always wanna cheer the killer on to murder their ass lol
Today is one of them days I don't wanna talk to no one
I really wish I could have met leslie Nielsen best actor ever
I'm so gunna be a madea when I become a mother lol
Th movie haunted house was terrible
I love have how every time you look up something on web md it tells you ur gunna die oh u gotta sore throat that'll cause death #lmao #smh
Can it just be the 90s again
Seinfeld is seriously one of the best shows of the 90s
I gotta learn to stop trippin over guys who aren't even worth the stress
This is the longest and most boring day of my life!!
I want to meet someone who makes me feel the way music does
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I am a kisser. I love to kiss. The lip biting, bottom lip sucking all that. 😍😍😍😁😁😁 especially when you got somebody that knows how to kiss.🙌
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Its crazy how someone can say they love you 💏want to build with you🏡👪. Be with you forever👴👵💍. Then some shit happen, & there done😒✋✌
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Oh good a new symptom to my already complex illness #joy
I swear my boobs eat more than I do
Ok it's been a month of nonstop bad luck I surrender this black cloud can leave me now #please
What the fuck was thinking with this guy lol #nothanks
Today's a don't wanna day don't wanna go to school get out of bed take a shower get pretty don't wanna do shit period but sleep
Shit make you're fucking mind up you like me you don't it ain't that hard so done with people it's not even funny
You learn not to love when everything and everyone you ever have has been taken away from you
#OrangeIsTheNewBlack is the reason for my poor sleep the past few days #soogood
I love how people always seem surprised when they find out I'm a science nerd 🔬👍💞
At school when suddenly a random stranger proposed to me #akward
All problems are boring until they're your own
Kicking myself in the ass for letting this one go
I'm on that where's the gate level right now #turntup
This is exactly how I feel done investing my feelings on guys who are only playing you #true
Super get to drive an hour home in a flood #fml
I figured out the cure to depressed moonshine 🍸a blunt 😚🍁�#robotchickencke#curedcured
I am .. That close to start smoking again #fml