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What else is happening...?
β€œ@llucial1812: @LAURAGII @OMARCHAPARRO Omar presentando su nuevo disco !!!!”// @OMARCHAPARRO 😁
Here we go....let's do this @westfieldparramatta #mosthunted @billrancic
RT Guess the celebrity! She's trying to go incognito with a huge black hat!
Okay Guardians, hands up: Who's braved the Vault of Glass? Did you make it to the end? #Destiny
How the Secret Service is intensifying security after an intruder ran into the White House:
Enter the Fred Water helicopter golf ball drop contest to win up to $5,000:
μ•„ 되게 λˆ…λˆ…ν•˜λ„€~ ν—›ν—›ν•˜λ„€ ~ μ•„ 되게 μ™Έλ‘­λ„€γ…‹γ…‹ μ˜ν™”λ³΄κ³  μ™„μ „ ν•˜νŠΈλΏ…λΏ…μΌμ€„ μ•Œμ•˜λŠ”λ° μ—„μ²­ λˆ…μ§€λ‹€ 괜히 λ΄€μ–΄ λ‚˜λ§Œ λΉΌκ³  λ‹€ μ—°μ• ν•˜λŠ”κ±° κ°™μ•  ~γ… ~ μ™„μ „ λΆ€λŒ€λΌκ²Œ 뭐 μ’€ λ¨Ήκ³  잘까 .. μœ„λ‘œν•΄μ€˜ γ…‹
Go step up your spy game! #Kingsman trailer debuts w/new @IGGYAZALEA & @elliegoulding song during @Gotham tonight!
Todos trabalhados na estampa. @ticipinheiro @brittojunior @datarderecord
'Life's not fair turbo toes' Wise words Nora Thunderman. Watch #TheThundermans here:
Microsoft cancels Chinese launch of the Xbox One, two days before it was due to take place
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Meet my Shaukeen team. Anupam ji, Anu ji & Piyush ji, chasing their Dream! What a pleasure to be a small part of their Fantasy!
8 grados en Santiago de Chile!!!!