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Matt Novak
My mom just pretty much said nick was a mistake #FactsOnly
But I ain't get a ticket tho 😎#factsonlyy
Just got pulled over #sick
Lolololol @ ignorance.
Ze gold cards are hard to push this year #grindin
A&M lookin pretty nice right now
October 4th...😳
Ze karma is rough
Ze skinfluter is on the loose
Bee bop in the middle of sessions? Duhhh
When your best just ain't good enough
Sam Bergin. Just wow.
Fat Louie's is pretty slay
Really hype to see what our team has to offer this year after that scrimmage
Anyone going into honors algebra 2 and needs math packet answers I gotcha
WAWA sizzli deal is coming back. 9/1-10/5. 2 for $3 for those nice sizzli. #YoureWelcomeMurica
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Happy birthday to the real OG Lilly even though you just threw up at the park. #bdayselfiez
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Knee pops are the way to go
We turnt out here turning seven and ish. #lily #is #seven #today
β€œ@Vito_Nucci: I will own AIDs infested white and red blood cells one day”
West Deptford senior kineman Jake Kull is a 3-year starter and record-setting weight lifter for the Eagles
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Anyone going into algebra 2 I have math packet answers
Papa J's is currently doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. #FactsOnly
I have math packets done, so if you need yours done, here I am, not Nicky. He's a communist.
Couldn't pick a worse day to be at the beach
The things that make you feel most alive can kill you instantly
Once again Sam is never on her chill.
With practice starting up I'd be cool if we started school now and got done in May, that'd be sick
Arnold Palmer was a decent golfer and all, but he really whipped up a fine creation of a drink. Good God is it good. Wow.
Burger King is the GOAT of fast food #FactsOnly
#ALSchallenge good luck @soudersam @nicknov @connorennis14 you have 24 hours to complete it or donate to ALS or AIDs
Everyone makes fun of Mizz for being stife, but shit I'm in the 1000 pound club so I don't even care #FactsOnly
Never felt worse
I'm so uncle hype
Almost forgot how good the movie Godzilla was but then I remembered, so it's alright, I didn't forget
You're Egyptian, you're Egyptian, you're Egyptian
I don't want this summer to end
Been feeling so weird lately and idk why
If I had to chose from being sick in the summer or having aids for ten minutes, I'd be called Magic Johnson jr. right now. #FactsOnly
When it rains it pours
Just want to fast forward to May. This summer sucked.
It's all fun and games til smiles chimes in... Still love him tho
I wear the pants
What in the name of Magic Johnson
Crazy how some people will put on a show to look cool or funny, but behind closed doors they act totally different #FactsOnly