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Matt Novak
Zizzos snapchats always seem to make my day
People change like the seasons
"Russell Wilson's a top five QB" yeah ok
That's not real life
Can't wait to see the boul Pulli
Whole squad on that real shit #tbt
Now everyone knows what Kevy would rather do
You don't even know half the shit that I've been through
β€œ@Noelle_Durham: Shout out to my girl @soudersam always making me eat it😝#respectt” imma fall back..
My mom actually makes me sick to my stomach.
I need a growth spurt like now..
So just found a record player built into my uncles dresser and it still works #vintagefresh
Did that ish for Bradley
I just wanna be Dan Bilzerian
Christopher Walken
Last night, I drempt... of puppies... and the soft DARKness that hides the future... from the over-curious.
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Just heard my mom say "keep your Irish eyes off my Dublin D's". I want to go home.
Why am I at the shore.
50 beans in 1 hour??? Duh
It's past Connors bed time
What is good enough?
Is Levi not the funniest human alive or...?
There's only one king of Chiraq
There's low, and then there's judging people on their past. #FactsOnly
Darren Sproles didn't have to get me 27 points tonight.. But he did. Thank you, Darren.
Godzilla was a good movie. I liked it. It's not my favorite, but it's still good. I might buy it on DVD.
Nothing better than an ice-cold Mountain Frost
Evacuation drill getting me out of English=clutch
I might just have to be Paul Revere this Halloween
Lily just had her first munchkin.. It was nothing short of amazing
Why am I still up..
Soooo uhhhhh.... What's the moves
Crazy how people just tear themselves apart and love being miserable I don't get it
Oh no another subtweet.
Love my squad mannnnn
Fishbowl 2014 is about to get too turnt
Just finished boxing my left and right hook are on point sounds like a good recipe for a great stiff arm
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This drought is just terrible
Penguin-styled goldfish>better than whatever snacks are in your cabinet #FactsOnly
Giveaway time! Followers who RT are eligible to win a pair of game used @Panthers gloves! Random winner chosen at 5PM
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Jaguars or LOB???
THE JETS!!!! I love football man. I love it.
Zero calorie drinks<rat poison
650 beans from some gold cards... Aye #FactsOnly
Damn yo.. Summers really over
Ze tits are on fire.. Curse you sunburn
My mom just pretty much said nick was a mistake #FactsOnly