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Abhishek Sharma
I liked a @YouTube video People power frees man trapped by Perth train
I liked a @YouTube video Barack Obama Singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea
@TheYoungTurks I like watching this show on YouTube. I appreciate it for its broad minded & liberal opinions regarding various social issues
I liked a @YouTube video Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up (ORIGINAL)
@AyresAlyssa @sanjaysaint @amitabhchandra2 There is a way to resolve this issue by getting your accounts verified through Twitter if u can
Apart from Humanity, Conspiracy theories is the only other thing that keeps my life interesting and worth living for. Its a bliss.
@IndianExpress @AyresAlyssa India's Stance is based on its needs. Every nation has its concerns & perspectives that must be addressed asap.
@AyresAlyssa On a lighter note.. USA also blamed Monkey's for AIDS so eventually they can be blamed for disrupting Monkey Ecology in return.
@AyresAlyssa @Reuters If the issues of Developing World are relegated to back burner & front loading the western economy it =loss of faith.
@AyresAlyssa @KimAElliott 'Concerns & Interests of the poor in India needs to be addressed' but.. This is not in Delhi's long term interest.
I liked a @YouTube video Inspirational - What Have We Become 90% People Cry After Watching This
I liked a @YouTube video What does kindness get you? THIS!
I liked a @YouTube video This will change you in exactly 60 seconds
I liked a @YouTube video The speech that will leave you speechless
This will certainly make a difference in your approach
9 Common Traits Of Happy People (That They Don't Talk About)
@BCCI @msdhoni My Playing XI for 1st Test vs England... (Gambhir,Dhawan,Pujara,Kohli,Rahane,Jadeja,Dhoni,Binny,BKumar,Pandey,Pankaj) Apply!!
I am an @Android freak!! Well... LITERALLY. Internet & Technology is ruining my life. I am getting addicted to @google & its products.
I liked a @YouTube video What would you do - Inappropriate father hitting on son's girlfriend
@ClashofClans 🎆This happened while playing the game. Read the conversation. 👏 📱📲
I liked a @YouTube video What Would You Do? Patrons Defend Homeless Man Denied Service By Restaurant
I liked a @YouTube video An EPIC SURPRISE WITHOUT the SCREAMING: AN AMAZING Choreographed Wedding Dance
@leicsccc @BCCI Is Vijay the only batsmen out in @BCCI India's Game so far? Gambhir & Dhawan both have retired. Then y Gambhir is shown out
Received the latest #Android 4.4.4 upgrade on my smartphone. @google is awesome in its #Nexus priority upgrades :)
@leicsccc So there is no live coverage on Television for this game? Though its a practice match but THE TEAM INDIA is playing!!! @BCCI OoO