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Thomas Peace
Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.
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Uncaring crime is like cold hypnosis... wherein one merely concentrates on a limited, little point (called "me")! Be open & aware! #wisdom
Thought/thinking projects past memory into the future... so such a future is largely just an extension of the past! #mindfulness #wisdom
To function warmly - far from being like a metal android - is to care for people, animals, and plants. #mindfulness #spirituality
Tantalizing and enticing pleasures can easily keep the mind in rather childish realms; grow out of unrefined, common domains! #meditation
There is nothing that you can take that will truly make you happy. #mindfulness #meditation
This universe - and every universe - is an unfoldment from (and to) a foldment. #wisdom #spirituality #zen
If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. --- Booker T. Washington
Don't be, like so many, satisfied with the superficial and shallow... go deep! #mindfulness #wisdom #spirituality
Are we merely the pawns of the elite and powerful... or are we much better than that?!
The limited cannot, and never will, grasp the unlimited! #mindfulness #meditation
Being popular & self-confident isn't what's important. Being caring, alive, compassionate, & aware is what's important! #mindfulness #wisdom
Unbeing dead isn't being alive. -- E.E.Cummings #poetry #spirituality #mindfulness
Beauty is only skin-deep; what's really beautiful & sexy is mindfulness, compassion, and love for all! #wisdom #spirituality
There are no real boundaries anywhere in the cosmos, except those invented and perceived by t… via @wordpressdotcom
To me the converging objects of the universe perpetually flow,
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Instead of the usual crass revolution of violent disruption, war, and disharmony, why can't there be a magical revolution of affection/love?
A sublime book about true mystery, wisdom, mindfulness, meditation, & understanding the intrinsic nature of time!
Thoughts are "about" energy; they're shadows! Find out about being one with the benediction of energy by transcending mere symbolic images!
Barriers between "what you see" and "what you are"... are "learned thoughts" that do not, in reality, divide! #mindfulness #meditation
Do you pray as if God needs 2 be informed about what needs 2 be done, or do you pay for special privileges beyond what the non-praying get?
What ever you do, don't suspect that you have seemingly read this for the first time innumerable times before! #mindfulness #meditation
Truly evolved planets don't have any career politicians or autocrats that come out of safe lairs to send youth to bloody wars. #quotes
Just because certain large religious organizations have millions of followers, & a lot of blind respect, does not mean they are not cults.
Excellence in perception expresses itself as heartfelt compassion! #mindfulness #meditation #spirituality
True meditation lies beyond mere practice, beyond calculated methodology toward an end, beyond sequential, conditioned reactions. #zen
Each of of us is responsible for getting oneself and the world right. Oneself includes - and is - the world! #mindfulness #spirituality
John Lennon was right: "Living is easy with eyes closed... misunderstanding all you see." #mindfulness #meditation #quotes
Real success is in finding truth, helping others, & ending suffering, not in showing off like some kind of monkey!
Human value depends on liberation from the self.
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go, go, go, said the bird: human kind / cannot bear much reality.
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Superficial hate - and all hate is superficial - involves separation, distance, and a lack of compassion. Indifference fits in with hate.
To exclusively remain in (and "as") the symbolic realm of thinking... is to suffer (and often creates suffering in others). #meditation #zen
Each of us is separate from each other (despite what they taught us) as the fingers of a hand. One hand! #mindfulness #meditation
They've tried hard to shape and mold you to be what they wanted. Have they succeeded?! #mindfulness #meditation
In the vast expanse of superficiality... go deep! #mindfulness #meditation
The teacher is the teaching; the criminal is the crime; the nurse is the healing; the woodpec… via @wordpressdotcom
A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.
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When the sacred visits one, distance disappears... because boundaries (including the space between them) vanish! #mindfulness #meditation
You can't search for truth, because truth is not in a place or system (to eventually find). It was with you before you started! #mindfulnes
For a mind that constantly renews itself afresh from moment to moment, there are no tedious or boring jobs (tasks) in life! #mindfulness
Let's use Twitter to help stop separation, war, and indifference in the world! #mindfulness #meditation
The divisive notion of "us" and "them" causes ignorant wars! #mindfulness #wisdom #peace
As a huge, majestic tree has many branches... so does each species belong to the beautiful tree of life! #wisdom #quotes
They taught you that (psychologically) the "I" is separate from (and controls) thought/thinking. Pure drivel! #mindfulness #meditation
All the cool philosophy & wisdom sayings in the world won't matter 2 pins if we destroy the earth via war and/or environmental neglect! #zen
The hubbub of a disturbed & constantly chattering mind is incapable of being the calmness of the millpond that can reflect the truly sacred.
Most think way more than they feel. It's best the other way around! #mindfulness #meditation #quotes
It's far better to be poor than to subjugate and repress people, smothering them. #mindfulness #meditation #quotes
True meditation is not a mere practice; it's what is done throughout the entire day! #mindfulness #zen