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Thomas Peace
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Awareness is not merely what someone can give to you; it exists if you go beyond the edicts, patterns, judgments & symbols of others.
You can buy stuff, but you can't purchase integrity, compassion, and deep insight. #wisdom #mindfulness
Don't neglect the bountiful beauty of nature... which includes your own natural body and taking good care of it (& Mother Earth). #health
Have gratitude for the simple things in life... for they are usually the most precious. #wisdom #quotes
Live a warm and caring life so that when you are dead, you are not as cold as you were while supposedly living. #spirituality #compassion
Life is much more precious than reason can conceive. #wisdom #mindfulness
Normality is a common type of insanity! #philosophy #wisdom
To wisely question may be more intelligent than having concrete certitude. #mindfulness #wisdom
A flower doesn't need to know it's beautiful to be full of majestic beauty and splendor. #mindfulness #wisdom
Don't take your health for granted. Exercise, eat whole foods, and appreciate any good health that you have. #mindfulness #wisdom
Be a blessing, not a malediction, in the lives of others and in the health of Mother Earth. #environmentalism #love
The chasm or gulf between the controller and the controlled (psychologically) is fiction. There is reaction... and no agent beyond reaction.
If you "know" that you are meditating, then meditation is likely not occurring. Meditation is beyond the field of the known. #mindfulness
See each facet of life as part of the undivided whole. #philosophy #wisdom
Don't merely see what you were "taught" to see. Look with eyes beyond the field of the known. #mindfulness #philosophy
True enlightenment occurs as actual, immense energy, not as mere ideas... #meditation #zen
I want @EPA to keep our waters clean for river otters and other animals. Sign on here now:
Even the Tin Man felt the value of a heart! #spirituality #compassion
A painting of the ocean is not the ocean. A concept of energy is not the energy. #mindfulness #meditation
All true wise men have a propensity to understand the whole. #philosophy #wisdom
When the idealism of politicians takes precedence over truly caring for people, then chaos and confusion ensue. #politics #peace
Lucid wisdom doesn't take time... but sequential, symbolic thought does. #mindfulness #meditation
Countries can hate "other" countries; the index finger can hate the ring finger. Such is ignorance/illusion. #wisdom #peace
Life is not dull or monotonous to a dynamic mind that inquires joyfully. #mindfulness #meditation