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Tom Nash
If Parcelforce drivers can't be arsed to deliver parcels, one might argue they could *possibly* be in the wrong line of business...
I've been here ALL DAY waiting for this, @parcelforce and I'm sitting two metres from the door. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Reached emptying boxes stage. I emptied one yesterday. Just noticed half the stuff is now in another box... I see a domestic on the horizon.
All this expense fiddling reminds me of the fella that got his ensuite done up on company money. He got caught but I hear it looked looovely
Edenham High School's best and brightest. #Salute
The bloke who got done 'simulating oral sex' on a beach in the Isle of Wight stills wins though. He made the BBC most read column.
Someone I went to school with has finally achieved something. Is... Is this what pride feels like?…
From last night, #GRRM shared some new details on the Dunk & Egg stories, and story collection: #ASoIaF
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Pitch us a story in 5 sentences and win a place on a writing course. 4 days to go…
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Are any indication????? Is, I meant is. Don't worry- Googling noose tying.
Terrible schools in Colton though. No emphasis on grammar or sentence structure...
If the number of these emails I get are any indication, this 'Colton' place is floor to ceiling slappers
Might change my bio and add boasts about who follows me. I always think that people who do that must be ace at twitter.
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Bloke from Parcelforce tried to leave a delivery with the shop downstairs... Because it was 'big' they made him take it away. Pricks.
I know what I meant. To sum up- John Motson needs to retire.
That made no sense. Gone.
We have a guest. They just said 'irregardless'... FACE.
Oh, yeah- #avfc 'fans' being collosal megacunts during the minute's silence. Well done you. Top work. *slow clap* #cpfc
Villa probably one of the most nothing sides we've played this season. Great result though. #cpfc
The office now looks AWESOME thanks to @qn5 @CunninLynguists @kokayi. Hells yeah.
Not sure my career in picture hanging is going to take off...
EPISODE #56: "Bunny Bong" - Sleep No More, Easter Sunday & the Butterfly Effect. // LISTEN:
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Wonga orders removal of image from Twitter. Cue the backlash...
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A fascinating amount of 'freelance writing' jobs are actually 'write essays for rich uni students' jobs. No thanks.
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