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Tom Nash
"I'm a writer" "We all are, babe."
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Was gonna say 'Robin Williams arms' but thought it'd be in bad taste... Shit.
Have just discovered 'Kick Ass Kung Fu'. Hi-fucking-larious.
For anyone not watching Doctor Who here’s that hamster with an entire cream cracker in its mouth
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No club funded, agency orchestrated plastic display at Selhurst. Amazing display from the HF #cpfc
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A favorite social media character is the little hero who concludes that if you don't post much about current events it means you don't care.
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A yearly reminder to everyone making stuff: For every anonymous idiot trashing you online, there are thousands more that quietly love you.
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Can't place why but I am finding the presenters of this sweet programme on BBC2 deeply unlikable.. It's probably the smugness of the fuckers
Also, when people expect writers to work for free, it's a reasonable assumption that the person asking will be getting paid.
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The real question should be "Whatever happened to the idea of writing as a paying job?" Writing is a craft. Words have value.
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Are companies told when you dismiss their promoted tweets? I hope companies are told when you dismiss their promoted tweets...
They just want to be together... *sniff*
My firstest ever Vine that. It's a fooking gem too.
The Tale of the Used Teabag and the Bin.
This person keeps calling graphic designers 'graphic design designers'. Twat.
CDS markets too. Actually, don't ask me about them. I've rewritten 3000 words and it is dull as all fuck.
Proofreading is a weird job... Ask me about Chinese land leasing practices, I randomly know all about it now.
@thewritetomnash Make sure every tweet is about you. That's what social media is. You and the stuff you're selling. Don't follow back.
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Why get someone in to advise you on using Social Media if you're going to ignore everything they say? Frustrating.
Graham caught himself a Katherine pupdate. Top work.
Summary of my conversation with @metpoliceuk press office on supposed "viewing" video offence:…
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UGH. Some gov't goon on BBC on concentrating on GCSE's "which mean jobs in the real world". We might as well grow people in fucking pods.
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