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Tom Nash
Not willing to subject myself to Les Miserables again, but if you are, please note Eddie Redmayne's weird singing voice.
Right bunch of grumpy fuckers on that Vodafone bus. They must be going somewhere shit.
Doesn't help that one of them is quite negative and I know I will suffer for it tomorrow.
I'm reading work emails an hour after work is over. BOOOOOOO to work email on your phone.
The day I capitulate and get work email put on my phone is also the day I accidentally leave my phone at work... Well played, subconscious.
Old bill lurking in bushes with radar guns on Limpsfield Road. #Croydon
If I finish this sausage roll I will have eaten 106% of my daily saturated fat recommendation. Like a boss.
One month tobacco free today. Palace aren't helping.
The Guest. A film that promised fuck all and delivered even less.
Nearly 230 toons up on the site now. If you have never stopped by, we'd love to see you.
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Guessing that Inkheart isn't about a man who is half pen. Skip that one then.
Portugal decriminalised drugs 14 years ago – and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing
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Ten minutes of rereading and I still don't understand what the author was doing with that apostrophe.
Took a long walk with Dust in the Wind playing in the background when I learned that...…
Go spend your £100 somewhere else, then, knobber.
Dude who ordered the cheapest thing we sell and isn't happy with it keeps threatening to take his custom elsewhere...
This extract from "Lampedusa", harrowing play abt rescuing dead migrants from the sea, can't be RT'd enough. #r4today
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Watching @SeanPrice's Rap Clinic, etc on YouTube. Dude had bars and charisma for days. We've lost a great. #RIPSeanPrice
Genuinely shocked by Sean Price's passing. Stunned.
Nice one #cpfc Great start.
Reunited with my boy
First boozy event without cigarettes done. Was a struggle but only had rollies on offer if I crumbled... Nah.
British people laughing at Americans voting for Donald Trump when Boris Johnson is Mayor of the capital of the UK
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Going to a wedding tomorrow. We attend a dinner tonight and a bbq on Saturday- all to do with said wedding. Excessive, right?
The dog was just scared by a butterfly... Sigh
Charging your phone under your pillow gets the same reaction as washing an uncooked chicken- WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT ANYWAY????
Bit of morning pillow talk - Never put your phone on charge under your pillow #bedonfire…
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it's official. Tut and Groan wants YOU... to draw a joke... If you feel like it… #webcomic
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Ok. Cool. Now a centre back, please.…
Our 225th toon goes up tomorrow. Continuing the saga we started with this gem.
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And this one. Arse.
Look at this nugget.
Went for a walk. Saw the second Severn crossing. Dog rolled in shit. Standard.
Why is low pay capitalised? Unless... It's a PERSON! Liz, you monster.…

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