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I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself - Rita Mae Brown #quote
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Wake up with a goal, go to bed with something accomplished. 💯
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@SamanthaCartel , zayuumm bae! No words , no words👌👋🙌....😳❤️😘😱
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already do ! just got the T-shirts in ^.^ @Obey_Ellethia
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@ Mad rasa is the breeding ground of this kind of mosquitoes which suck the blood of secular forces of the Globe so #BanMadrasa
@ Till now terrorists are found to b heartless persons who don't feel pain to die,bt they were not singers,poets,journalists,socialite
@and terrorists are like vanguards of killers who kill all their family members and so they are called to be bastards by mothers and sisters
@ Fathers of terrorists never mourn the deaths of their terrorist children for they are dead on a mission with vision having some ambition
#NatwarSingh will produce only books in in nine children
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@ Great are those who got one thing or a fad to cram like a pigeon to coo and bile sitting on a parapet all through the life is a bondage
@ The thrust of insanity will be slaked of from the blood of humanity was never propounded one who never drink blood but defacated blood
@samar4tree दोनो कल्पना और आशा से ही शुरू होती है/
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@ Someday superstition was heavier on science but science proves to b more demoniac to this religion.And whose of fools?Nay to say
@ Science and superstition will go hand in hand for both are reciprocal to each and the other
@ Terrorists and father terrorists sld think of women and children,Let them grow to ripe to pluck or fuck but both are of same instinct
@ Really great r those who play these games and fuck each other on some names of hatred and ......
@ How much cruel the world is when a school of Children is targeted and scalded with newly invented nuclear ?
@ How much cruel the world can be when one is left alone on long drive of life to reach home dead?
@ How much cruel the world wld be was known when one was thrown into a pool when one didn't know swimming?
@ Then,rising with aurora's light,The Muse invoked,sit down to write, but out,correct,insert,refine,enlarg,diminish,interline
@ Every man desires to live long,but no man wed be old-
@ Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what nobody has thought -Albert Von
@ They make a wilderness and call it peace -Tacitus
@ Lord of all hopefullness,Lord of all joy,Whose trust,ever childlike,no cares cld destroyBe there at our walking&give us we pray AllDayHymn
@ Go little book,and wish to all,Flowers in the garden,meant in the hall -Chaucer
@ This be the verse u grave for me,Here he lies where he longed to be -Underfoot,a requiem
@ Give to me the life i love, Let the laye go by me, Give the jolly heaven above And the byway nigh me -Song of Travel 'The Vagabond'
@ Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end? -Tom Stoppard (1937)