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Ya Boii RYRY
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You could have an unrealistic understanding of a current situa... More for Pisces
You might think that you're not receiving enough emotional sup... More for Pisces
I love our Military.
You are confident that your current direction is consistent wi... More for Pisces
The trainers we get at paris💚😍
Someone's power play might sweep you up in a volatile melodram... More for Pisces
Sometimes the waters appear so clear that you Fish can see for... More for Pisces
You can see all kinds of possibilities developing out on the h... More for Pisces
Baby when the lights go out🎶
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You grow excited when you realize your fantasies have a solid ... More for Pisces
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Whatever certainty you recently experienced has now disappeare... More for Pisces
Irrepressible issues from your past are here for one more roun... More for Pisces
Something isn't quite right today, but you can't put your fing... More for Pisces
It would be a shame if you were to waste today's magical power... More for Pisces
A sexy-ass female who running shit and confident👸💋
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I dont know how to make it work...
Say what you think must be said today, even if you're afraid o... More for Pisces
Escapist behaviors only court trouble today, so it's best to l... More for Pisces
"Like I was about to beat that ass with my dick out" ---@creeeeg28 😂😂😂😂
Oh my god you're nothing🎶😊
It may be disconcerting to observe how reality doesn't match u... More for Pisces
"@alec_vice: Want to complete my homework but also want to complete season of prison break.."😏😏
It's time to take your special brand of logic out of your tool... More for Pisces
Fact: soccer girls have the best legs
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You might not find it easy to get in touch with your own heart... More for Pisces
There's no reason to succumb to self-doubt today, even if some... More for Pisces
I will no longer associate myself with @tayrivvv. #Bye
Your friends or coworkers may be on your case today, pushing y... More for Pisces
You may be divinely inspired today, but cultivating an etherea... More for Pisces
Pretty lady come here baby🎶
Tonight is about to be FUNKY😏
If you are considering making changes to your daily regimen, t... More for Pisces
Homecoming last year was something😂😏
Be careful about placing too much trust in your instincts now ... More for Pisces
Just dont talk to me anymore. Period.