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One-on-one encounters are blessed this year as propitious Jupi... More for Pisces
You recently obtained a surprising scoop on someone you know a... More for Pisces
You are entranced by someone's cheery disposition today, only ... More for Pisces
Your intentions may be misunderstood today but the gulf betwee... More for Pisces
JUST IN: Fan favorite Mike Napoli is headed back to the Texas Rangers.
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19-year-old CFB player Christian Taylor fatally shot by police during suspected burglary, cop says Taylor was unarmed
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Hey. Enjoy life today.
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You believe you're seeing the entire picture now, but you may ... More for Pisces
Focusing on your work can be a real challenge today when you h... More for Pisces
VIDEO: Mariners’ Fernando Rodney relaxed among the Colorado Rockies’ bushes mid-game
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It feels as if your current actions won't alleviate your sense... More for Pisces
22 years ago today, Nolan Ryan gave Robin Ventura one of the most famous beatdowns in baseball history.
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ICYMI: A disguised @Cristiano performed soccer tricks in the streets of Madrid. And nobody knew it was him:
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Relaxing doesn't feel like a viable option today, especially i... More for Pisces
Borussia Dortmund to decrease Internet speed at stadium so fans will pay more attention
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Ronda Rousey set to star in a movie about her life
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"When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless." #ShineOn #MondayMotivation
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Putting all your eggs in one basket might seem necessary, yet ... More for Pisces
The fastest player in the NBA @JohnWall throws himself a full court alley-oop!
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Dear world, The album is finished. Love, Malcolm
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I would only last 30 seconds with Rousey too
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You could be lost in space today but you're able to camouflage... More for Pisces
There's too much drama going on today for your personal taste ... More for Pisces
You would rather pursue a more meaningful path in life but dra... More for Pisces
You may be engaged in an uphill battle to keep your dreams und... More for Pisces
Your friends might believe they have your best interests at he... More for Pisces
Alex Rodriguez is my fucking dude.
You're willing to negotiate with a friend or partner today bec... More for Pisces
Utilizing your creativity in the workplace may be necessary fo... More for Pisces
"I'm honestly shit faced" -Craig
Buying tickets right now for the Rangers, Yankee game hmu if you want to go. It will be on Wednesday the 29th.
You want your friends and relatives to acknowledge your compet... More for Pisces
Relationship dynamics are changing so fast now that you can ba... More for Pisces
LAPD busted out the riot gear to watch over @1future fans waiting in line for tickets.
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National tequila day huh? Uh oh...
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You're under the impression you can sense every single wave in... More for Pisces

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