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happy colonisation day
you know you've hit a new low when you enter the kitchen for water and find yourself eating out of a jar of olive spread
when I'm running late cuz I gotta make sure my outfit on point and i get a text saying "they eating all the food!"
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my favourite thing from last night was receiving drink messages from @padfootsmoonys. I hope she's alive
me: *explain 25 times why tony stark is not the villain* bro: yea but he deserves that punch from stevebucky me: YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER.
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can everyone stop hating on my father, Tony Stark please. It's rly fucking rude.
tony stark is my son and i'm gonna defend him till the end idc
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"Sorry Tony, but he's my friend" "So was I"
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Netflix and don't talk to me
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"tony is the villain in civil war"
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the civil war trailer I am dEd
It's done. I've watched it. Ofc it ends with things getting shitty jUst after things start to look good #TheWalkingDead
Due to my father's birthday, I am currently unable to watch #TheWalkingDead Stop telling me Glenn is alive now, gracias
it was the fourth of July you and I were you and I were fire fire fireworkssss ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ†
I'm begging for this weekend already
What am I going to do with my life now that #HTGAWM isn't back for like 3 months
I love parks and recreation soo much
I've fallen in love, it's happened. Someone so amazing and who is just always on my mind. It's an all butter pastry minced pie, I need help
@rjcini when plans are cancelled/forgotten and you were all ready to go out
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omdz all my cousins forgot about the plans I arranged and now I'm alone
#HTGAWM spoilers all over my timeline, stop it you Americans. stOp.
Just like how North posted that pic of Kim lmao
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tomorrow is gunna drain my vitality
I literally heard nothing at the end of twd yesterday
Why do I feel bad about silly things
all I want to do is go JAPan is that too much to aSk
Today was a swell day
I'm just going to delete myself from the world now
Just because your parents may have a negative view on something doesn't mean you have to, be your own person perhaps?
Why are some people such desperate pieces of shit. It's not funny. It's not cute. Fuck you. Fuck one direction.
It's weird being on the other end of an aired message like, woah, I thought this was a fully functioning conversation ok
why is Friday 13th so uneventful
I'll probably eventually meet someone at the end of times and they'll ironically be hit by a meteor
to mean so little, to not even make a lasting impression
how do I stop being such a fuckin loser
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the toads at work are my new favourite thing ๐Ÿธ
I don't know how to talk to strangers without being awkward
Wednesday is such a dull and irrelevant day(likeme)
meanwhile, aliens on some other galaxy: "are humans real?" "yeah REAL stupid" [aliens high five]
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England is that friend who borrows something nice of yours and never returns it, then claims it as their own
I had a dream I was @PTXofficial PR person who travelled with them and now I'm sad coz it's not tru
If anyone wants to get me something for Christmas get me like 50 vouchers and I'll be setโ€ฆ
I'm done with so many people I use to call 'friends'
Board games and wine tonight

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