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Marguerite Martin
Check out the Uncut version of Margi #CammingCon video cam footage. Here's what you missed!…
I left me ID at the hotel I am outside eleven looking like a got damn fool #waiting to get in
Headed to club eleven almost sobered up #Marguerite chillin in #Miami
#Marguerite & Ms. @KittyKums in the ride on South beach, Florida about to head to club eleven
At the Eden roc I'm so tipsy I'm chillin at club eleven tonight come hang w/ us
I'm taking a couple.of call on Skype hit me up #free live:ms_martin18 right now at #cammingcon #Marguerite
I'm partying at club eleven tonight come chillin w/ us #camgirls unfortunately don't have the address its club eleven in Miami.
Meet my new best friend Just met Tim from @iFriends marketing very nice & naughty
At #cammingcon where the #champagne is flowing like water come meet us at the Eden roc Miami beach
Getting my makeup did tryna make me pretty
We chillin at the Eden roc Miami beach getting lit come hang w/ we will be here until 9 pm live and direct 💋
Just met @MissxVietnam such a cutie come hang w/ us in Eden roc at #calling on fan day
Just met @KittyKums looking lookin so cute come hang w/ us in Eden roc hotel
I am at the @EdenRocMB model lounge getting ready for fan day y'all come out and say hello
I will be at #cammingcon only on fan day Saturday August 2, 2014 on South Beach come say hello see…