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Akemi Tachibana
TVアニメ『Charlotte』第6話で物語が動き出した? 原作・脚本を手がける麻枝 准氏に直撃インタビュー!… #??????
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@CielPhantomhyve Having it and actually knowing how to use are two different things.
Dashcam footage shows tremendous destructive power of Typhoon Soudelor:… #9News
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@MoeWx My advice to PEOPLE like that: Kill yourself if you're tired of everything. It's not the world's fault that you're unhappy after all.
Fear gone. I forgot I was onlg dealing with a group of filthy La Familia picklekissers, not the Bloods or Crips...
@ChrisNG14 @pjstock42 Strange. Last I checked I was only part black. Didn't realized the "one drop rule" still applied post-MLK. #Yourewrong
My worst fear might be realized soon. My life might now be in grave danger. I wish I had a taser gun or my...
I accidentally sent hentai to my own mother. Oops.....
Life with Yalitz Lopez so far: Meet up > Shower > unprotected sex > Anime > Sex > Sleep > Sex > food shopping > sex. Etc...
Can I get a refund on that ‘nonrefundable’ airline ticket?
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@jennnuuhh The tweet didn't send until it decided to.
@pjstock42 Must either be blind or mistaken.
MEDICAL UPDATE: #CTSC driver Tim Probert has been discharged from Froedtert Hospital. (1/2)
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Going live soon. We will all meet me and Yaya in real time in-person for the first time ever. Follow me on...
サーキットサファリ終了。11:50〜ピットウォークです。それまで一旦配信を切りますね。 #SuperGT ( #NissanMS live at
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Regardless, I will be with @sapphiretigres in around an hour and that is when our relationship will truly start.
The people at the ticket counter thought that was so crazy that they issued me another ticket free of charge and couldn't believe the price.
The 'No Game No Life' #Anime Is More Than Fanservice; But Fanservice Sells -
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@CielPhantomhyve or FUCKING train. Planes are as bad as buses unless you fly first class.
HA! #Greyhound tried to charge me $20 to replace a ticket that would only cost me $14 to replace. It was your fault I was late, dammit.
My FINAL stop before I can be with my girl and it's the only stop where the bus arrived too late,…
Peter Jennings passed away 10 years ago after decades as voice of @ABC. Today we remember him.
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The world will see me and my girlfriend for the first time ever soon! I'm I'm CT!
This is it! NYC!!! Almost...still in shitty NJ entering NYC.
Jeff Gordon's 99% chance of making the Chase:
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3 hours until New York City baby.
I NEED TO START RIDING AMTRAK OR FLY FROM NOW ON! Fuck, I'll walk or blow 50 truckers with bleeding dicks instead of ride #Greyhound again.
Black guy spent 30 minutes complainin/joking about some guys feet stinking. I hate loud mouths like that. Back to the jungle. #Greyhound
One minute I'msleepimg on the bus and the next, I'm julted awake by the defining speakers that are too damn high....
Yes Miku, beg. Beg for my cock you litle whore. #Bored #WTF @ Richmond Virginia Greyhound Bus Station
"WOULD BOARDING NUMBER 50 PLEASE COME TO THE FRONT?! SHIT!" Top quality consumer service there, @greyhound.
I have Loli hentai and I am transporting it over statelines, someone better call the police while everybody knows...
@Nascarking3 HA! Just as I was thinking "maybe I can take a trip to WGI to watch the races then you mentioned it. #NASCAR
I'll be in New York City for about 3 hours this morning. Who wants to come kill me while they have the chsnce...
Some piece of shit was smoking on the bus in the bathroom. You couldn't wait until we all got off, fucker? Stupid shit head. #Greyhound
@jennnuuhh HA, but at least there's a few anime-exclusive stores and enough crime to entertain bored people!
Welcome to stop, Richmond. After? NEW YORK CITY BABY, I'vr never been to NYC…
Boy, the filthy creatures that cannot accept being inferior to me are out in full force this week. Step into my...
I'll upload vines of my journey to Yalitz Lopez, first one going live in less than 2 hours. Nobody cares, but...
Shame on #Reddit for their mostly absurd content policy. The only content that should be banned is illegal content, not legal but "wrong".
Yep, still fucking up. I need to sleep before I am killed tomorrow but looks like I'm not getting it.

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