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kahuthu ngari
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you are confined to be refined, dont let it discourage you
we have come to share in christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first~heb 3;14
when christ,who is your life, appears, u will also appear with him in glory-col 3;4. this hope of glory makes me stand firm in christ
@Jamaican_Babee bt u r a forbidn fruit! i wudav said mo
@kipdemas it lasted approx 2sec,with a roaring like a great wind-nw i av a headache frm da intense brightns
@kipdemas thought messiah was comin bak,ws so bright
fear of GOD is the beginning of wisdom, but fear of men the beginning of manipulation
...due to the current milk price, it is now perfectly justifiable to cry over spilt milk...
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@Nellysonnie welcome,wanna see u tweet sense
I just read an article on the dangers of heavy drinking.. scared the hell out of me. So thats it, after today.. no more reading.
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@SafaricomLtd thanks for the response, resolve that.
@SafaricomLtd in bonyeza promotion, is it normal to receive more than 5quiz per day?? I got around 10 quiz
Scientists admits existence of a supernatural designer.
To my esteemed followers, i changed from @oozelove to @eminence29.
Be composed before God, avoid excitement, talk less, & let it b sensible;lest you roam the wilderness for 40 years
Sanity is composing relevant tweets, insanity & immaturity is any deviation from the above
@kdfinfo kindly clarify the dates when succssful GSO cadets will appear on print media, because the same media listed diffrnt dates
#ThingsGirlsLike guys who display their affection for them publicly