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John Mitchell
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What is good for you may not be good for me. That is the fallacy of composition
Apparently, the future is now. This could mean the end of tomorrow
Yesterday is only worth remembering if it made you feel better about today
Modesty is a virtue that is diminished by its cultivation
If the best is yet to come, how come we should live for today?
Early dawn in New York. The city is getting ready again to thrust itself into the face of the world
Ambition is found in thought. And thought should precede action
We should all take stock of our lives. Looks like someone stole my youth. Some brain cells are also missing
Our possessions commit us to a life of servitude
Death is the only thing we know to be true but never want to believe in
We cannot know what cannot be known. Not sure how we came to know this
Look at it this way: if you were perfect, most people would despise you
The best way to stay young is to keep doing stupid things for the first time
My head is a shelter for homeless voices
The innocence we must protect to the end is the innocence of children
Music is my light in the eternal darkness
It's time to realize that the way to improve your future is to live it like someone completely different
Only those who risk going too far can know how far they can go. Do not try this on a subway platform
I have fallen in love with myself more than once. But I always know it will never last
Before Twitter, I used to speak in random sentences of 140 characters or less, whether people were listening or not
You can live in paradise and never know it. But you will always know if you live in hell
Apparently, we will all spend about 22 yrs of our lives asleep. And that excludes the daydreaming
To be excited for all that can be rather than worried about all that may be or all that was
For light to have the greatest impact, you must first have darkness
Being lost in the fortune of tomorrow is better than being lost in the poverty of today
In the end, it's not how many breaths you took but how many breaths you took away
Sleep is an investment in your dreams
In a moment of time you can have nothing. You can also have everything if you push the others out of the way
To defeat the 140 character limit, I shall now only communicate in Egyptian hieroglyphs. I shall tweet a lot about a bird with a human head
I can do a lot of things. But I can no longer die young
Life should not be repetitious. Just keep telling yourself that, over and over again
I love it when people say, "I am myself". Like they were someone else yesterday
Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without myself. One very long memory blank
Progress is that moment in the day when you stop screwing up. Some people call it bedtime
Winning is for people who like to create losers
I have decided to really respect myself. I'm hoping for the same level of respect in return
If people could read my mind they'd hear a lot of people talking all at once
Sometimes when I cannot breathe, it is because I am holding my breath
I like to think I make people happy. I also like to think I am two inches taller
There is someone out there who is perfect for you. I met lots of them before I met the right one
Sometimes I just pretend to listen to those voices inside my head
Today I will be a messenger with tales of an incredible tomorrow. But tomorrow I may be wrong
If we were all insane, we wouldn't have to face the real world
I am having an awkward silence with myself right now. Let's see who is the first to break
Don't live in someone else's world
My inner critic is a workaholic
If you are not a morning person, try waking up before you go to bed