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"I don’t know what I want anymore, I’ve fallen into a hole, and I just don’t know how to get out. My..."
"I’m the one who ruined me: I did it myself. I deserve it." - (via savemebeforeienditall)
"I am slowly falling into a hole of darkness and I’m not quite sure how to get myself out." - via ;...
Send me a number🌀 - geeeeeegg: transposedminds: thotess: heyitsme-z: 1. Post a picture of you? 2. Would
Walking in the first day of school like
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me on my wedding day: u still like me right?
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Dude its just one of those days at work #food #fun #workinghard
Me: omg mom I forgot my birth control at home!!! Mom:it's not like u need it, ur not sexually active #canyounot
I'm actually so lost without my wallet. #whoami #whatsmyname #imcrying
laptop: *overheats* laptop: *makes weird noises* me: babe, u ok? :(
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Forgot my wallet today.... #whoami #im5 #omg #fml
*falls into trashcan* nice so good to finally be home
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MOM IM AN ADULT I CAN STAY OUT AS LATE AS I WANT but please schedule my dentist appt
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It looks like my boss got a stick up her ass the way she be treating her employees #ihavefeelings #canyounot #hate
everyone is gonna regret not falling inlove w/ me when i become hot
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I'm promise myself imma be good and stay in school. #jk #whatajoke #lol #k #school
First day of university and bitches be forming. #canyounot #bitches #hate
*spends $7.00* "Okay I need to calm down with all this spending"
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I hate when people ask what im doing tomorrow like dont even know what I'm doing right now please dont do this to me.
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Some days ya just need a chill. A smoke and coffee is the way ta go #perfect #starbucks #stressingout
ok puberty jokes over u can make me hot now
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I wish there was a mute button on some bitch #stfu #whitegirls #bitches
I'm not trying to be in a relationship, I'm trying to be in a Range Rover.
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Why is it that all my money goes to clothes & food but I'm sitting here hungry tryin to choose from the same three things I always wear
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My @888poker username is ntupy. I want to play in the $888 Twitter Freeroll on 31/8/2015 #888series #888poker #poker
Huh. Now I'm debating on university. #cashmoney #lol
doctor: are you sexually active me: i'm not even physically active
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#MyLifestory who Needs friends when u got cats?
I look so good when I take a selfie... It only takes like 23 photos later #uglyasf #ew
Christmas in July gift.... Everyone understand my pain. I kinda cried of laughing so hard. #idontlikemyboss
Only 2 phrases can change a woman's mood: 1) I love you. 2) 50% off.
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I need to stop being late to school
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Death of northern white rhino leaves only six in the world,…, - via @weathernetwork #wtf #green #climatechange
Yes officer, I did see the 'Speed limit' sign...I just didn't see you. #Thanks #wtfisthis
when I see bae in public and I don't "look good" #firstpost #firstVine #cute #bae #vine #comedy via @vine
*2 new messages* mom: I love u mom: sorry wrong person
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Just a baby polar bear, that is all...
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Breakups suck? How about sneezing before your mascara is dry!? Thats worst trust me... #girlproblems #fridayfunnies
What happened to girls being friends with guys with out being ask " re you guys dating?!!" #highschool #girlproblems #boyfriend

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