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I have mg bad days...I hold grudges sometimes...but I'm working on self...inside and out...I'm letting go of all hate, anger and day at a time
Biggest shout out to @_lace_the_1 for allllll of the love he showed today...thanks :-)
#tbt my siblings used to call me Dumbo lmbo
I read this prayer everyday atleast once a day. I carry it everywhere I go. Good day or bad day there's always time for prayer. #havefaith #prayeveryday
I don't do MCM but this is my #MCW I loveeee this guy he is sooooo sexyyyyy #fastnloud
"Forest I can't feel my legs"...lmbo this pic looks funny to me.
Having a sense of humor is one of the sexiest things a female can have :-P
People only recognize Breast Cancer Awareness...and forget other forms of Cancer exist...wear Teal to show support for another leading killer in women. I know I'm late but it's never too late to show some support. #cervicalcancermonth #cervicalcancerawareness
I have to take this 6 hour course to take points off of my license...I'm a very aggressive driver...smh. hopefully I'll learn something good.
She wanted to be Belle today :-) #myprincess
I'm late but late is better than never...ladies 4 out of 5 (90%) women contract HPV in life...most immune systems can fight it off and the body rids of it completely. Some women aren't as lucky...Cervical Cancer is's better to know sooner than later...get a PAP Smear...know your body. #cer
Whoever left this on the bus is AWESOME
#repost and I'm checking pictures too!!! "You know you wasn't born with that butt!!!" So yah'll better delete me ahead of time...I'm putting heffas on blast!
My flexible beast he was singing lol
He can't play Sonic to save his life lmbo!
This is why I love him :-) #rubsmommysfeet