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Eduard Darcy
Popcorn sold out. So proud of the great friends I worked with. They're beyond awesome.
Just like goodnight.
Turn crazy ideas into infinite realities.
I want the SSB4 demo already.
But I cannot betray Fitzwilliam.
My my. What a junior 😍
You question what type of first impression did you give them?
People say hello to you like you're a fragile tea cup.
You expect your friends to be a mirror.
-Fails to flip table because it's marble-
He'll be heartbroken if he finds out it isn't minimum day tomorrow.
Like I have to cook Fitzwilliam lunch when I get home. I wouldn't want to anger him.
I have a life too. I can't miss my date with "Once Upon A Time" @ Netflix tomorrow.
Ugh to the maximum.
Everybody should pretend to have like have a heat stroke during lunch and call it a day. It's a plan.
Might as well make it minimum day the damn whole week.
The weather outside is nice tonight. It would be nice to take a stroll around the ghettos.
I miss hanging out with my friends. But with this heat and business at school has gottan me occupied.
Goodnight everyone. Fitzwilliam and I are tired.
I want to wear my fall clothes already. Get the fucking cold.
I hate it when they remix good songs.
Time to binge watch to hell.
I'll be able to catch up to the season premiere in no time. 👸
Ugh. Binge watching in this hot weather was not a good idea. 11 episodes in season 3 of OUAT 😅
Well dressed but no charismatic presence.
It should still be minimum day tomorrow. It would be unfair to the other teachers that they had 30 less minutes to teach.
I'd still go with Hook
It's Monday. Let's make it a fucking great day.
Mr. Darcy is calling me for bed. I have to read to him so he can fall asleep. Goodnight everyone 😊
Finally finished season 2 of OUAT. That was a mental workout. Time for season 3.
"A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar"
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My face actually looks beautiful with sweat. For the first time.
kinda miss you kinda still hate you
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I have a free period for 5th tomorrow. Does that mean I leave earlier than the early release? Yas.
I knew I shouldn't have eaten this. I easily break out.
Looking at these chocolates gives me tears of joy. I have tamed the temptation.
You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy" when you are completely, perfectly and incandescently happy. #IMCRYING
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It's going to be a slow day today.