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Oh my god I hit the Powerball ! Im gonna be giving $1,000 to all who retweet !
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It disgusts me to see just how many countries in which it's illegal to be gay!
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Everyone disappeared for the day.
Help me with this anal of a math
The face you pull when someone keeps going on about their relationship
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spring break needs to come on 😒
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Boom Baby, finally submitted you. Time for a bath.
Damn, these Chemistry Problems are much more confusing than my relationship status.
I still can't believe I opened a door for him.
Lady Gaga is the most powerful musician in the world
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Motherfucking Wednesday. Almost there.
Good morning everyone! So excited for what's to come.
I'd pick Usher tho.
Who wouldn't want to pick Adam?
Christina Grimmie on The Voice? Hmm.
Having struggles wearing this beanie is somehow telling me that I need a haircut.
Scrubby day today.
Let's be optimistic and be less pessimistic.
Found out why I'm losing followers. They're mostly misfits and got banned.
Getting to be a better person.
And you're a dumbass. Don't forget it.
Who's a better idol? RT for Lady Gaga Favorite for Justin Bieber
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