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King Duncan Darcy
My Halloween Costume 😁 What's yours?g
I can still remember how relieving and how happy I was coming out to my siblings last year. #NationalComingOutDay
Cold showers are the best.
Gotta change up my profile.
@mononopoleon I was glad I finally got to see you! Love ya too bb! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“
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It was wonderful seeing @Melisa20 today! Love yah bb!
At least you two are at peace and that's what matters! #themaries #Twinning
It's so hot. I can't.
My face hurts. Phooey.
Rihanna looking like a Pokemon Gym Leader.
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Clair and Shawn are right though #twinning
I want to be a part of Taylor Swifts gang.
Tears of joy caused perspirating contamination.
I'm crying. Now everybody knows them. But that's ok. I'm so happy for them.
My babies, Tyler and Josh. I'm crying. Twenty One Pilots ❀️
Which #VMA performance was more iconic? Retweet – Lady Gaga (2009). Favorite – Madonna, Britney & Xtina (2003).
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Phoebe singing "Smelly Cat" with Taylor Swift is tears of joy.
On a Michelle Phan spree.
Annamarie was so adorable with what she said about the cows. Starting to love the Marie's #twinning
I could marry Cryaotic's velvet voice.
I would describe my body type as "dumpling"
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Are you a software update because like not now.
When I see someone hot πŸ˜†x
It's good to know having people who check up on you.
Teen Titans Go gives me anxiety. I hate it.
Happened twice already.
guys im literally so out of shape like internet explorer could probably run faster then me
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This cute cashier gave me an extra apple pie for being a patient kid. She da MVP.
I will never get tired of eating Subway and Pho.
All I do is cook and post it on Snap Chat to show people that I'm a productive fucker.
#LyricsThatShouldBeShouted Aaaaaaamen Aaaaaaamen Amen. Dun-dun-Take me to...
Avoiding something doesn't mean you don’t want it. Sometimes, it means that you do want it, but you know it isn't right for you.
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My heart just dropped. πŸ˜”
Satoru Iwata. May you rest in peace man.
I don't know how I ended up from makeup guru video to this sick ass beatbox competition on YouTube.
This show somehow irritates me but I can't stop watching it.
The fact that Cara remembers her fans is so cute 😍7
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When they say "I won't get mad, just tell me" and you tell them and it makes them mad anyway 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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Perfect weather to make oatmeal masks and read Victoria's Secret catalogs. ❀️

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