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King Duncan Darcy
Like I should be doing something like HW, but I'm just sitting here looking at wall, smiling.
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Like I'm so scared of following people from school. It's not a bad thing but Idk why.
You talk materialistically but lack the ambition. I'm out.
You're not grown up if you haven't experienced such misery.
YASSSS. Been waiting for my download code for the ORAS Demo and now I got it.
It's like she has perfect features: eyes, lips and everything. But when you put them together. Its like no.
I wish everybody would just like each other.
I wish everyone was comfortable in their own skin and happy being themselves. Too many people are miserable these days.
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If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up.
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It's like people who have it all. Want some more.
do u ever just make scenarios in your head that will never happen but makes you so happy so you just keep on imagining them
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Don't treat him like a kid. He's much more different than you ever will know.
And then he was ambitionless.
Omg Hook, you look so 😍
The Suicide Prevention Walk was a beautifully, tiring experience. But I'm glad i was able to walk for awareness!
Good mornight bitches.
I wanted to dance with Kenia, Esme, and Gianna (since it's her first time), but I couldn't find them.
I didn't seem enjoyed.
Calling it nights. Read enough pages.
Just had some Pho, yum. Now gonna watch TFIOS while catching up to my reading for lit.
Small groups keep it close.
@mononopoleon @Alan_H123 😂😂 *now they are the most wanted people ever
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How do you become good looking? There surely must be a shortcut.
My gay was showing too much today.
When you feel like there's something to do when there isn't is mentally stressful. Hate over thinking.
I love it when other people don't know the songs I'm listening to. "Did they play it on the radio?"
I love discovering and listening to obscure music. It's much more reserved and personal.
I need a red feather.
Watching Inkmaster makes me want to get a sleeve myself. But nhouuu.
It's act'chll, everything is satis-fuck-tual.
I'm not a really good dancer.
The unexpected is always the best.
Goodnight bitchtatos.
"Embrace those insecurities of yours, sweetie. They'll make perfect weapons in the future."
College ads on my feed. That's saying something.
Might wear my dino socks tomorrow.
i don’t even know man, i’m happy but i’m not.
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Hair game not strong today.