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Count your blessings instead of your problems..
Spoil a loyal girl.
@asherdust1 <<< Go Follow one of oxford's finest talents !!!!! Hit him up pure talent :)
Finally i can reply to my loyal fans :) Thankyou @twitter for sorting this out !!!!
I am not afraid to admit that i believe in God.
100 RETWEETS for all them people going through the pain and suffering of cancer. Let them know we care.
No one gives a shit when youre upset but then when youre happy everyone loves you again
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So who thinks i should be verified?? I dont think enough of my fan have tweet to them to get me verified yet :( Who wants to help?
@mcjaystar: Don't sweat it or regret it, just move on and forget it.”
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Don't sweat it or regret it, just move on and forget it.
@mcjaystar Thx 4 the follow - just listened to your rap, Fallen Soldier, and I think you have a promising career - I have to check mo'....
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I hate coming to terms with the fact that we are living to die.
Currently trying to sleep and its FREEZING, Now i know why i hate the UK !!!!!
Sometimes its better to let go rather than hold onto something that was never meant to be.
When your dead & gone thats when people start to really care. . . .
@mcjaystar ok half the time I don't know if you're talking or saying lyrics , either way you're always poetic🙊😋
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Wow~ @mcjaystar thanks for the follow ! Really surprised that you follow me ! x__x
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Catch no feelings, feel no pain.
Theres someone special for everyone, Hmm i think my someone special has been hit by a bus run over and died :S
"@mcjaystar: You wouldnt know what love was even if it slapped you in the face."
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You wouldnt know what love was even if it slapped you in the face.
@mcjaystar Thank you for follows me! I'm very surprised! That's makes me happy :D
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@mcjaystar Thanks for the follow man. You're a talented rapper. I wish you all the best and I'll be checking up on you. Greetings from Spain
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A guy who cry's is not a weak person he is a person with a heart who feels pain.
Huge smile! a rock star just followed me! its going to be a great weekend for me, thank you! @mcjaystar highly appreciated!! 😉
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A rock star followed me. Was that accidental? I'm shocked but thanks @mcjaystar
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