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find love from within, feel it and let it consume you
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Respect yourself or nobody will
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What the mainstream news won't tell you is that the Russian's target is the CIA
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You exist earlier. During the time I struggled with complexities.
You're exist in every phase of my sad story that I thought the world end with fatherless boy.
If you can't be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you've escaped.
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one more roll for dad
Balot sampe OD
Your height is usually determined by your father. Your intelligence, emotional strength and body shape is usually determined by the mother.
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Sometimes, music is all you need to make you feel better.
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"One good thing about music. When it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley
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#TBT | What a throwback. Did anyone join us that day?…
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so basically life and the universe is a dream and we all collectively shape it thru our beliefs, actions and observations
The day that Michael Jackson died, Twitter, Wikipedia, and AOL IM all crashed at the same time
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Seeing “stars” after stretching is due to blood flow being re-routed from the brain/eyes to the stretching muscles.
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The whole world needs a peace parade. No wars, no guns just weed to blaze ✌
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i feel like people forget humans survived for tens of thousands of years w/o pills to help escape negative emotions/situations/reality.
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Idk kids these days claim they're punk yet they haven't showed any potential attitude of punk.
sorry im poor i cant afford to pay attention
let me swim to the ocean and deepest shore of epidemic nor realm.
you can't create personal emergency to god's alarm unless it's vulnerable.
sky diving reason why
Your life is a story of a soul incarnated into this physical dimension for the purpose of growth & remembering your roots of universal love.
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Acting on our inner joys creates bliss filled experiences in our outer worlds.
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Respect blind people. Why? Because they judge others by their personality, not by their looks
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Positive vibes only = our own will to nothingness
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Eliminate what doesn't help you evolve.
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Nangis bob marley nangga proportion 20/80. Patut nya 90/10.
Perempuan skrg Hooray sana Hooray sini social habis la kire. Lepastu lepak dengan jantan sampai lewat malam konon ko sempoi habis la. Fakyu!
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Aku lebih suka pmpuan into weed, music and deep talk. Yg boleh develop material dgn sndiri. Bukan yg harap harta laki.
Cita kecik iboh roll banyak, gantung palak layan profil tinggi kau jak. Sikda concious.
The mind of a child is lacking of all the world's definitions & opinions, yet experiences life more fully than the most knowledgeable man.
Perfection is not beautiful. Perfection is a blank canvas untainted by the stroke of a mortal's brush. True art is found in imperfections.
Human race should stop being offended about religion, race and social media posted. But should start being offended to war and starvation.
Fall in love with Peavey Predator TR7! Yuppp
We are one and same on the inside, but we live divided. We should live in peace, not in pieces.
#np Frank Ocean - Novacane
This gives importance to understanding the energy fields within the self, as well as interpreting the vast spectrum of possible fluctuations
You want to get rid of all "Illegal Aliens"..but this land once belonged to the indigenous tribes...are you prepared to leave? #AskTrump
But we meant to live for so much more and again we lost the sound.

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