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"The man who goes out alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait until that other is ready.'' - Henry David Thoreau
FFS I have "extra cheeky" tattooed on my arse
There's nothing worse than having a conversation with the back of someone's phone
I vow to no longer let other peoples financial situation put a damper on my life.
Oh don't you dare look back Just keep your eyes on me I said, You're holding back She said, Shut up and dance with me
#highsnobietyxtimberland - Size 10 - @highsnobiety @timberland_eu
Praying on this mortgage deposit, grow biggy grow.
Need to stay off social media, Ibiza reminders everywhere, Ibiza blues like mad 😭🙌
How long have I been in bed, ALLDAY ALLDAY
A lot of sleep and detoxing required when I arrive home, Ibiza has really taken it's toll on me
Amnesia my old friend, we meet again.
IBIZA 2015, what you saying?!
Tonight I was very proud to be welsh!
Why does every program on British television annoy me, some right frustrating characters out there.
Submitted and completed all my HNC assignments, now if this isn't good reason to celebrate in Ibiza then I don't know what is. #ACADEMICS
I'm the type of person who if @Dynamomagician did a card trick for me, and asks ''is that your card?'' I'd say no regardless to be a cunt.
He's got great taste in headwear 🔥🔥
Can't wait to rip @TheSmokeHausUK a new one tonight straight after the gym.
What a long ass day, get me home
Cheeky chicken now to finish the day off then back total clean eating again next week
Glais AFC - Presentation Night - 29.05.15 - Fiction VIP
Glais AFC presentation night - 29.05.15
Not feeling too bad today! Maybe it'll catch up with me later though 😂
Text someone this and cause havoc.
A game of 5-a-side, then 6-a-side and now blasting a quick session in the gym 😲 brutal but rewarding
Norwich not only hosted BBC Radio 1 big weekend, but also now have a place in the premier league, must be good for the ££££'s
Swimming, Sauna, Steam and Massage. Would choose this over a hangover every bank holiday.
Dinner at the Celtic Manor Resort. 3 years with @caragh_sullivan
The concierge to our dinner reservation was exceptional, now to the spa for a late night relax
Me and my Bros making the most of this sunshine
So Ibiza is on snapchat, but I didn't see one person sniffing ket or cutting shapes. Disappointed snapchat.
It's never the end, just the beginning of something new.
The @Pursue_Fitness snapchat makes me so excited that I'll be there tomorrow, their stand looks like one of the best there'
Waiting on @RYBVNKS shit to drop, mad anticipation
Have more than you show, speak less than you know.
House party at @scottdavies90 's tomorrow, all damages will be paid for by Scott, bring your own ket, everyone welcome, inbox for address
“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way" - Charles Bukowski

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