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 Jαяє∂ яє∂∂уツ
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Black Knight ft Jesus Geek - Bible In The Air_"put your bibles in the air" :D..#rapchrist
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That's thee goal iv been waiting for...brilliant ball by finish by sterling...#YNWA
Almost game time....waited since may for this day...its a new players and an iconic day...let's do this boys @LFC #YNWA
Thee back of my hair reminds me of some peoples relationships....#splitends ..:/ :|
Do you ever listen to a story and think, lie, lie, lie, lie
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You such a wordshaker',ii gotta shut you up*
Call me when your favourite team scores so I can hear your excitement.♥
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sometimes i go through pictures on my phone and think "wow i wish it was this day again" & it sucks
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Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.
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United fans needa change that one song of theirs...its goes like "20time 20times"...clearly it needs to be changed to "20thplace,20thplace"
Louis van Gaal breaking records like David Moyes!
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But waaaait...isn't man utd won all their pre-season games...!! Aahaa
A new season. A new manager. Some new players. LoL same old story for man utd...ahaaa best way to get the season off..#LFCFan
Now LvG has properly been welcomed to the Premier League - chants of "sacked in the morning" from Swansea fans. #MUNSWA
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Pretty despr0 of man utd to be chanting things about 'the scouser'..its pretty sad that they fail to realise that their captain is a scouser
Man utd at thee moment...L0L..
Fuq it...forgetting to set your fantasy football side...errr...deee fuq...soo its up to do well in gameweel 2 then..gonna be off the pace
96 days starved of premier league football-john dykes
It feels good to do good deeds and helping others that are struggling. #blessed 😃🙏
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♥...not for sharing....thee best creation
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No one looks back on their life and remember the night 'they got plenty of sleep'..#quoted
I care even less when ii realised what 'reality' is* #You#Feel#Me#??
Just so we're clear, if I text you first and you don't reply. I'm never texting you first again.
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Just seen the vid from @NASA, wow that vid really made me 2nd think, ALIENS...scary facts...and the 'figure' has a shadow..even more freaky
BR: What happened last season counts for nothing. It’s a new, long, hard season, but an exciting one and the belief of the group of players.
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Is it wrong that I want to ignore every soul on this awful planet
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The best feeling of happiness is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy. #GeminisWeAre
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