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Champagne GrandPápí
@dloading gonna be a reason why @Lakers gonna need to get bigger counter to hold a few more them trophies. #GoLakers #LakersNation
Out with the Old Reliable & in with the new. #R9270x #Budget #Amd #Gfx #xfx
Pretendo #nintendo font :)
we are as temporary as clouds my love. we form, we dissipate, we return to what we really are, the entire sky.
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lowkey disappointed but not surprised
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I wonder how many times we forgive someone just because we don’t want to lose them even if they don’t deserve our forgiveness.
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surround yourself with positive people and your life will be positive.
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I hate people generally, but I like people individually
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Can't wait for @nba #SummerLeague #Lakers Got this!! @Lakers #LakeShow #LakersNation #NBASummerLeague #NBA
Babe took me to the aquarium ❤️🐋�
I Draked so hard once I texted my mom and told her I missed her
@wbgames with the biggest piece of crap Statue bundle I have ever seen. It's a big Piece of Plastic Mold that doesn't even remotely looks like batman upclose. The little spikes plastic mold cut offs are still stuck to it something you'd buy at a knock off swap meet or downtown shop. Just buy the gam
Copped the new protection 11's RT if they icy
If you got #XboxOne add me lets play some #games. Btw if you got #Xbox Preview a invite would be nice. #XboxPreview #xbox360
Yo just copped a fresh pair of Roshes from @TrapDrugs thanks fam!
Shit, I love not knowing where this love is headed. But I'm damn excited I get to share it with her
Should I get it The Legend Of Zelda Ganondorf #Ganon #Ganondorf #Zelda
That feeling you get when you realize @LILBTHEBASEDGOD doesn't follow you back
I like to imagine Supreme Court like regular court but with tomatoes and sour cream
When someone wrote "turn to page 77" in the text book, so you turn to page 77 and see titties
Lmao 😂😂 #cmpunk
When your butthole itches and you fart hard enough to scratch it
My girl told me she like to be teased in the bedroom, so we laid down and I said her glasses looked dumb and she started crying and left wtf
I may not go down in history, but I'll go down on you
It's so weird finding old ramstein people on Twitter 😍�@gentiagog@vladimirsequer1r@ivyelizsoro@tyree_huntere@penguinparadox_x_
Tearing apart a lot of Misc External HDD putting them all in PC making a pool out of them. Might as well rather than collect dust.
Gaming & stuff a mess lol but getting ready to watch #Apple #WWDC announcing #iOS9 today so let's see what they got for us or is it going to be Catch Up Features?? #cnetlive
Loving the morning
I know who I'm not, but don't know who I am
Just picked it up. #ElgatoHD60 #Twitch #Youtube
I need more clothes and less problems
Messy setup but ok. I guess will be working on more to setup my #Twitch #Youtube channel soon. Been using this for private use & will be taking it public forums soon. If any ideas feel free to throw them at me.
#DIY #Softbox
Took my queen to dinner 🙈 she's the love of my life ❤️
*Talks shit on twitter* *Gets called out on twitter*
Drake the type of nigga to go to a museum, pick up a dinosaur fossil and say "you still exist to me"

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