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Jeremy Steele
Note to self: if you are trying to get to #assembla , don't type "ass" in your address bar and expect it to autocomplete. #fail.
Seriously... was this shit filmed on a first-gen iphone? $70m budget and this is the best they could do?
Finally getting around to watching Blackhat. Looks like it was filmed by a drunk five-year old with access to an arsenal of fake guns.
What a sad state of affairs. Media is more worried about the color of a coffee cup than of our growing corruption in government. #Starbucks
Development and Testing and Staging and Production, Oh My.… #webdevelopment #software #php #lamp
Why is it I can talk on #slack with someone for an hour, it goes quiet for 30 mins, and as soon as I log off they message me again.
Pretty interesting AMA about rags to riches!… via @reddit
Pokemon Tree of Life Version 3.0 Revision via @imgur
Nice - Watch "Hotline Bling Cat" on @Vimeo…
V for Vendetta: The Revolutionary Speech (HD) via @YouTube
Ok, fine, I'm a programmer who has run his own business since 17. Doesn't mean I want to be a damn insurance agent.
State Farm is persistent. No, I don't want to be an agent for your company. I'm a programmer. 2 e-mails and 3 phones calls is enough!
He is amazing - Chuck Esterly via @YouTube
Time to freshen up my WordPress skills.
I feel as though all this caffeine will give me superpowers.
Holy crap, how have I never heard of this before?
One of the greatest theme songs for any game! Wrath of the Lich king theme song (wotlk main theme song) via @YouTube
Warcraft - Trailer Tease (HD) via @YouTube
Employment is oppression; it is not a good thing.
Quick - someone call Nick Cage!! -- The White House is preparing for catastrophic solar flares | Fox News |
I got bored and decided to build out a social network for fun. So that happened.
But... who drunk all the booze?
Single Drop Of Blood Will Soon Be Enough To Diagnose Most Types of Cancer
A programming language is merely a tool.
Feel like I'm close to a good idea. #innovation
It is rare for one programming language to be more "flexible" than another language. If you know what you're doing you can code in whatever.
Tip to companies: Don't enforce non-competes on employees like programmers. We are in high demand. You'll lose some good talent otherwise.
yuck @ sneezing all over two 27" monitors and being unable to find my monitor wipes. #firstworldproblems #allergies
Soylent green is people? - Study: Human DNA found in some hot dogs, meat in veggie dogs
One of my favorites - Dvořák- Serenade for strings in E major Op.22 (Tempo Di Valse) via @YouTube
Love how easy it it to refresh a WHM server these days.
Twig is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Don't Ask These Questions In a Job Interview - via @Dicedotcom
And yes.... I know... it's called "condensation". But rain sounds much more badass.
Never thought it was possible for it to rain inside the house until today. High humidity + cold air outside = rain inside... apparently.
More Tech Pros Voluntarily Quitting Their Jobs - via @Dicedotcom
It's for science. I swear.
Hmm... got about half a bottle of some beautifully smooth crown royal left. Need to get me some whiskey glasses
turn down for what
Nuttin' like stepping on the scale and seeing it 3 lbs lower. #win #weightloss Just gotta lay off the late-night snacks.
Over complication is a programmer's worst enemy.

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