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Azeem Akhtar
When our generation follow west and feel proud of it. #WajibUlChappairMoments
Most people don't know #Art. They just know Colors. #MyFavouriteCommonLifeDialogue
listening to Darbari - Rap Engineers
Even after a long walk yet no change!!!
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When a man doesn't possess a good personality n looks, Money becomes the next talkn point.
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Explaining too much of yourself will always lead you to disappointments.
My respected Paki fools. Before you judge them, do a little soul searching of your own. #BollywoodMoviesLogic
<3 — listening to Badra Bahaar
Since last 2 days, doing programming even in dreams! — feeling crazy
"Live like you will be dead tomorrow" Can you tell me its real meaning?
People get so used to hearing lies That Sometimes the Truth Doesn't even seem real anymore .
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When you hear that she still miss you. #KhushiMoments
Memories "@Questionnier: If It Was Possible To Take One Thing Along With You After Death, What Would It Be? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
In which both don't touch each other. "@Questionnier: How Would You Describe A Perfect Date? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Good sound system and no Drugs! "@Questionnier: How Would You Describe A Perfect House Party? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Subha Bakhair "@Questionnier: What's 'Good morning' in your Language? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Machine Gun :-D "@Questionnier: If You Had To Challenge Someone To A Duel, What Would Your Weapon Of Choice Be? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Not too long "@Questionnier: How Old Do You Want To Live ? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Hotel with beach view + No NET "@Questionnier: If You Could Go On A Vacation Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Not in mood. :-D"@Questionnier: Who will you love to kiss rite now? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
I am happy with it. "@Questionnier: If You Had To Change Your Name, What Would You Change It To? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Both, depends on situation "@Questionnier: Are you A shy Or Bold person? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
By being confident "@Questionnier: How Do You Relieve Stress?#SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
Idk "@Questionnier: When will you be ready for Marriage? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
By telling "@Questionnier: How Should Your Partner Show They Love You? #SaturdayBreakfastQnA"
My Cousin "@Questionnier: Who is the funniest person you know? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
Vanilla & Chocolate "@Questionnier: Favourite ice cream Flavour? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
I don't know you tell me. "@Questionnier: On a scale of O-10, How attractive are you? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
Cc ? "@Questionnier: Cc the oldest person on your Timeline? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
Pink "@Questionnier: What's the colour of your lips? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
Either be kind or be intelligent."@Questionnier: What can someone do to you to win your heart? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
Transformers "@Questionnier: Which movie will you love to watch? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
If i become one. I'll be second automatically. "@Questionnier: If You Had To Choose, Would You Rather Be Rich Or Famous? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
Never think about it "@Questionnier: How Many Kids Do You Want? #QuickSaturdayQnA"
A #Gemini is someone who will definitely challenge you mentally and physically.
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#Gemini will often hurt people's feelings with their honesty. Being truthful, is being us. #GeminiUnited
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#Gemini has no problem cutting you off if all you do is constantly bring us down.
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#Gemini are irritated by being bored. They will watch candle wax drip if it keeps them entertained.
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#Gemini knows that stressing and complaining will change nothing. We just take action, make a change, and never look back.
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#Gemini should not let their emotions overpower their intelligence.
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Got some new followers. It's good to have you guys here. Be kind, be positive! :)
Do you always smile for pictures? — Sometimes.. Not always
"#Dawlance reliable hai", "Terha hai par mera hai", and "Battery ho to sirf #Osaka" #GreatestLiesEver
#Waar. An absolute master-piece. 4-5 more Waars and we won't dare to watch any Bollywood movies again. Shaan nailed it.
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Fuck #PTI, Fuck #TUQ, I'm busy in doing something better. — watching WAAR - The movie on ARY Digital