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Marc Laflamme
4 People Every Successful Business Needs
Free 1100 lessons Millions of people studied, How about you?
The Next Chapter - My Digital Evolution
Smells like fermenting garbage all over the place.
Not all homeless are addicts or junkies but the possibility that the place becomes a junk yard is definitely a...
Should McDonald's french fries really be considered food
Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I’ve done it dozens of times.
My parents told me: “You’ve got to stop watching so much TV, and read more!” so I turned on the subtitles.
Happy Friday. The weekend is coming up very soon. :)
I'm going to stand outside, so if anyone asks, I am outstanding.
Miley is making headlines again.
Can someone clear this thesis I discovered, "Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so...
Did you know that 'Strap On' spelled backwards is 'No Parts'? How ironic.
Life is too short to be kissing the wrong ass.
Just logged onto Facebook.
Post have been hidden by FB. Two letters FU.
Some people say happiness is life. Others say it's freedom & some say it's money, but happiness for me is just...
A mysterious sound is driving people insane, it’s spreading — and nobody knows what’s causing it.
Went for a bike ride this afternoon with a few friends by the beach. What a day in the sun that was. The street...
Aight. There's about four people on the bus beating their music through their earphones. Like damn, I've got variety this morning!
Breaking News: People can read the things you put on Facebook. (Well, I'm surprised people can do this sort of thing.) ~marc
I like the idea of #hashtags, but at least have the proper hash for the tag...
Those of you who freak out at the sight of grey hairs, well guess what? They're a sign of wisdom, and it's highlighting you literally.
... funny scenes, must watch. This could happen to you! ~marc.
Prepping Thursday's post! What could I be up to? @CocaCola #fbloggers #bbloggers #vintage
The CIBC Tim Hortons® Double Double Visa* Card is here! Shop to earn Tim Cash™ rewards. Now you can get Timmies on Credit! :D
Monttreals: I earned this achievement: Carrying Corruption! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Grin and Baird It! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Taming the Fae! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Bloodfire Behemoth: The Dendrome! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Amon It! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Instantaneous! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Conquest Destroyer! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Great Hunt Rank III! #Rift
Montts: I earned this achievement: Great Hunt II: Tendrok! #Rift