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A Googler
Congrats @MarsCuriosity on reaching Mount Sharp! Met any nice locals yet? #OkGoogle
Opa! Time for another #TourTuesday. This time, take a peek at our Athens office. It's no Parthenon, but it'll do.
Know about these #NexusSecrets? -WiFi tethering -Android Beam -Gesture typing -Tap+pay More →
Now you see me, now you don’t. Discover Malaysia's ever-changing street art & more #StreetView
Here’s to Kaldi and his curious, caffeinated goats. #NationalCoffeeDay #OkGoogle
Adobe Photoshop for Chromebooks. It’s happening.
It's Monday. It's also #NationalCoffeeDay. Coincidence? We think not.
We #flashfunded teachers’ @DonorsChoose projects in 11 cities. That’s $3.5 mil. in classroom supplies for 288k kids!
What is both big and small and celebrating a sweet sixteen? We are! Happy birthday to us!
Today our cake has 16 candles (+1 to grow on). #OkGoogle
Today our cake has 16 candles (plus one to grow on) #OkGoogle
Maybe it's because “promotional clip for a soon-to-be-released film” is just way too long. #OkGoogle
So excited @google #flashfunded teachers in 11 cities: You too can make a teacher's day @DonorsChoose RT to support
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Are you *really good* at Google? Top Contributors share skills + smarts with others—join them!
Which show premiering this week is leading search trends in your state? Find out via @USATODAY
Google Trends don’t lie—looks like the only thing anyone did today was get ready for #Scandal
Don't turn around—this isn't a #regram... It's a super meta #TBT. The day after we took you on a #TourTuesday of our Stockholm music room, our Swedish team had a visit from Ace of Base's Ulf Ekberg. So crazy—but as we know, life is demanding without understanding.
Mr. Yeti? Can we call you Bigfoot? Or do you prefer Sasquatch? #OkGoogle #NationalComicBookDay
Small business owners: one week left to apply for a @Chase #MissionMainSt Grant! Help your business grow & learn more
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By definition, it’s hard to see our unconscious biases. Here’s what we’re doing to change that
Alex, we’ll take “What Google Is Doing” for $1,000. West Coast: tune in to @Jeopardy tonight for a special cameo!
Geez. It's annoying enough when your foot falls asleep. Imagine if it snored! #OkGoogle
Flight deals without the drama: Get an alert when prices drop on a flight you’ve been eyeing
You're in the mood for a dance. If you get the chance, check out the music room in our Stockholm office, a nod to famous Swedish acts from Ace of Base to Robyn. #TourTuesday
Soon @google will allow you to virtually tour #USNavy's Old Ironsides with Street View!
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#LifeHack: Keep a pack of gum next to your cutting board. #OkGoogle
National Preparedness Month tip: The @RedCross First Aid app has the info you need in a crisis
And the winners of the 2014 Google Science Fair are … #GSF2014
Spoiler alert: your smartphone camera doesn’t even come close. #OkGoogle
Happening now: the 2014 Google Science Fair. Go to at 7pm PDT to watch the award ceremony live! #GSF2014
The 2014 Google Science Fair is here! Watch live as the 15 finalists present their projects at Google HQ → #GSF2014
Doors are open and the first visitors of the day to the #GSF2014 exhibition hall have arrived!
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Salud. Kampai. Cheers. L'chaim. Sláinte. Prost. Here’s to #Oktoberfest! #OkGoogle
Gee, thanks! We hit 100,000 followers today!
There was some dirty laundry on the trends charts this week—take a whiff:
Better get 'tis one right or ye be walkin' th' plank. #OkGoogle #TalkLikeAPirateDay
A look at the economic impact of fast Internet. Here's to more gig cities in the near future: via @washingtonpost
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Hey iPhone and iPad users: There’s a new Google app (update) in town. Get it now:
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: get 50% off related books in @GooglePlay #holagoogle #hhm
And they put those principles down on paper and called it the Constitution. #ConstitutionDay #OkGoogle
“And like that, it's gone.” See Burning Man’s Black Rock City transform, via @skyboximaging
Today @google #flashfunded Boston teachers w supplies. Thank a teacher in your life with @DonorsChoose. Thx Mom!
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Art, history and culture, just a click away thanks to @googleart. Explore 15 new collections→
Ever tried to talk to a friend underwater? #OkGoogle
15 of the "weirdest, best and most useful maps” in the @googlemaps Map Gallery according to