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•GlaDwiN♬ gAeHlEr¤
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The only way to beat your enemies is by being more successful than them
I'd rather be a unicycle than a third wheel
Big Brother Secondary has a smokers corner....naughty kids lol #BBMzansi
You think you scare me, Fvck you...I scare myself when I look in the mirror
Nobody really cares unless you're pretty or dying #fact
Dont worry if you dont have a Valentine on VALENTINES DAY because not everyone has AIDS on WORLD AIDS DAY.....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE
Happy Friday the 13th everyone lol
I don't care what you say in FRENCH its still sexy
Trying to catch your crush's doing all sorts of wierd things
You are like rain, no one likes you but everyone needs you,without you they don't exist...
Omg I now declear I'm an instagram FREAK😝
Its that time of year when all I wanna watch are HORROR FILMS happy HALLOWEEN WITCHES
Im on holiday as usual, but its almost over....Christmas where you at!!!!
Dont be quick to judge,because behind all the glitz and glam,there beats a heart of gold.@gladwingaehler
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Follow me on instagram at @oH snap its Gladwin...I'll follow u right back
A thirsty plant will cry for help by making a high-pitched sound too high for humans to hear.
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When some people see their crush they get BUTTERFLIES in their stomachs, I on the other hand tend to get OSTRICHES. REALLY ANGRY ONES... LOL
I only do it when people say don't, its reverse psychology.if u say don't I will only do it extra...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
Omg a person wants a pic of me nd he doesnt even know me, hold up I aint FAMOUS YET BOO!!!!
People ask me what color your eyes are? Uhm their not blue, green, brown or grey, so are they black...I'll just say they're are purple LOL
I wanna be a vegetarian but I HATE vegetables,I'll only eat like 7 vegetables... LMAO
This ou toilet thing joh so scary
Liverpool...Liverpool huh what u wanna say
Before you "assume" try this method called "ask"@PassionPosts
You might fall in love when you meet her,but if you do u better keep her
Just hung up on my grandfather by mistake #stressed...I wanna die now!
Don't be to quick to judge because all the Glitz and the Glam, there beats a heart of gold!
The more you are rejected the stronger you'll be and the better you'll be when you finally MAKE IT. So JUST HANG IN THERE
Tilting your head to the right and slightly up makes you look more attractive. Tilting it to the right makes you look more intelligent.
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When people see a BIRD they like "ooooohhh pretty" but when they see a RAT they like "aaaahhh that's disgusting"
Just because you can't do it doesn't mean I shouldn't.
I've always had the fear of when giving my guest WATER,JUICE,TEA etc I'll spill it on them. Wow crazy I know
Sometimes I wish we could be STRANGERS,so I didn't have to know you PAIN.#BIRDY,no angel

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