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thabiso ranchobe
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Don't drive a manual Xbox F1 Mercedes when you high
When you high and you wanna scroll through #tweets but you too blind to scroll down and refresh
You know you getting old when you start setting reminders on your phone
I think camera's should be installed in toilets. We both know that shit ain't the only thing happening in there
Facebook is like kfc, even though the meat sucks, you still buy it
When you pretend to be over the phone and it rings
The only way Marijuana can kill you is if you get murdered by a serial killer whose name is Marijuana
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@Yfm I'm literally recording the show with my PVR
@Yfm best sunday youth show
Come to think of it, everything is about money
@miss_april_01 I'm feeling blessed. How are you?
When you try to hit on her but she friend zone you
When you have to pee in the morning but its just too cold to get out of bed
@Lyratots_B maybe you did something wrong...or you did someone wrong
Well it feels good to win and be surrounded by positive minds
@Lyratots_B you mean somebody close to you
#TurnUpChO be messing with my house addicted head. Bigups #djcueber
Which law category have broke most- governmental or religious law?
Why do folks worry about weed more than alcohol? Because looking at the stats, they should be worrying about alcohol #AsIrollAblunt
@Dereon_babe morning! What a proper way to start off your day with a smile
Have a purpose of existing
Think like a proton and stay positive
@Yfm #confessions, I still go through my ex's facebook wall to see if she's still single
How I calculate my bills per month-BIS R65, cosmetics R161. How my government calculates-lunch R300/day, airtime excluding BIS R5000
I should change my name on Facebook to 'Benefits' "You are now friends with benefits" ;)
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Can anybody tell me why weed is still illegal in this country
Type of girls that turn me on are the ones that don't give a fuck about getting their friends approval on the the boy they want to date
I don't stalk, I investigate
@Nkhalii lol! Not literally your typical disciplined old school typ'a standard.
A hoes favorite line is, 'Don't judge me, you don't know what I been thru'.....Yeah I do, a lot of dick.
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If you make noise during sex & your girlfriend is quiet....You're the one getting fucked 😭😂
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Why do some couples make their status "single" every time they fight. I don't put "orphan" when I get into fights with my parents.
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I love girls that smoke weed. You could say that I have high standards
If the government really want to know the number of people smoking weed, they should legalise it. You'd be surprised
Wife material shouldn't be a tweleb nor faceleb
She didn't know her ABC's so I gave her the D
The best way to get someone to confess to something? Remain silent. They'll talk simply due to being uncomfortable.
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If you're struggling, that means you're progressing.
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@Yfm almost got robbed. But pepper spray saved me. Its very handy because the smuggler can't see you
Argentina deserved to win this round
From brazilian hair style to german cut