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Dave Sumter
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US sending in troops against their own people..? madness.. There's a better way... (ref. UK riots 2011)
According to my little boy, 'Peppa Pig' is like Ted Talks for kids...
Watching the football with 500 Hollanders tonight.. Hope it goes well..!
Brazil, I think I've found your solution..…
So Germany, sub and save your best players now? Or keep them on and push for more goals..?
There's something you don't see everyday... Germany v Brazil..
ok, slight logistical problem here. Cycling ,Tennis and F1 on at the same time...
70 years of whiskey right there.. Bottoms up..
yay, finally got the new twitter design enabled on my account today..
My answer to I work for a sleazy startup and feel like some of my rights are being violated. How can I find a lawyer?
My answer to What do you think of naming a internet startup using the domain .ly?
My answer to What would happen if Evan Williams was still CEO of Twitter?
What's David Cameron doing photo bombing @SkySportsF1 in China? @Number10gov ;-)
Is Twitter’s new design a copy of Facebook?
I'm giving away 10,000 seeds on twiends for the best wall photo. Enter here:
Twitonomics - Growing your following when you're not a celebrity
Is Twitter’s new design a copy of Facebook?
I've never been able to spell resturant.. restuaruant.. resturuant.. retuarant... DAMMIT..!
Congratulations to all the London Marathoners today..!
I got all daddy's stuff..!
Why people quit Twitter via @qz
#T20WC2014 what a finish South Africa..!
Odd... Why is Iran building giant mock-up of U.S. aircraft carrier? – CNN…
If I spend £5 on a movie I really don't want to have to watch 5 adverts before it starts @skymovies