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I may be one of the only people who is RELIEVED that my parents just cut me off. #homophobes
Has anyone else noticed that whenever you're not speaking to someone, their birthday/corresponding holiday comes up? #Awkward
Road trip tonight, period today. My uterus is such an asshole.
Memorial day goal: blog more.
Arrested Development season 4 on Netflix!! AAAAHH!!
#chicken #dinner #instayum
Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Sites
I love rewatching old favorites like Arrested Development on Netflix with Dom. #cozy
S/O to @ThaPsychoGF Thank you for being straight, LOL!! Hilarious tweets. :)
How addicted to Twitter are you? Quiz - The Oatmeal… via @Oatmeal
Cat butt in my face while I'm trying to work. "MEOW I AM A CAT HERE IS MY BUTT." No. ): #MentionADislike
Domain flipping time! Use my referral code WOWdlez to get 35% off your order, and I'll get store credit!…
Cryptic Facebook statuses, then complaining that people are "too nosy" when they ask what's wrong. #WhyIStoppedTalkingToYou
"#RememberWhenEverybody Actually cared who married who? Yeah, me either." - The Future #MarriageEquality
We can try to understand the New York Times' effect on man. Stayin' Alive. #BeeGees #songsiwillalwayslove
Why the GOP should want to lose the Supreme Court's gay marriage case:
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We're women. We love each other. We do life together. #ItsNotComplicated #MarriageEquality
Changed my profile pic for marriage equality. Also, for bacon.
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Every story has its beginning and ending, but the best ending is just a beginning in disguise. #writing
Thanks, @cfbergel! Let me know when you do! :)
Money doesn't ruin people. Its the mindset they ALLOW themselves to have once money is in their hands.
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#MentionSomebodyYouWantToMeet Sherlock Holmes. But alas... he is fictional.
#ThoughtOfTheDay: There is a special place in Hell for anyone who takes advantage of single moms and abused women.
New #nude #nails look. #fashion #beauty #makeup #style #polish #nailpolish #manicure #iphoneonly #iphonesia
David Tenant and Benedict Cumberbatch are possibilities for the 12th Doctor?? Awesome overload!!